Fantasizing about the WSOP

by , May 24, 2010 | 5:43 pm

The World Series of Poker starts on Friday, and the poker media (except for are getting ready with their various previews and other stuff to get their readers into the mood for six weeks of tournament action. Part of that is the fifth annual WSOP fantasy draft over at Unfortunately, Pokerati’s own Dan Michalski apparently missed the conference call (he had the #1 pick) so here were the twelve participants in this year’s draft:

Eric Baldwin
Lance Bradley – Editor at Bluff Magazine
Andrew Feldman – Poker Editor at
Chad Holloway – Poker Pro Magazine
Howard Lederer
Bernard Lee
Daniel Negreanu – Defending champion
Dennis Phillips
Steve “Chops” Preiss – Wicked Chops Poker
Mark Seif
Gavin Smith
Gary Wise

Each participant made eight picks in the draft and the handy chart below displays their selections by round:

A detailed analysis from Feldman on the selections can be found at

Page 2 features how points are earned and my selections:

Here’s how points will be earned:

1st – 50
2nd – 40
3rd – 30
4th – 25
5th – 20
6th – 16
7th – 14
8th – 12
9th – 11
10th – 10
Top 20 – 5
Top 50 – 2
Cashing – 1

Bonus points:

Points are doubled for all $10k+ buy-in events
1 additional point awarded for every 100 players in the field, starting at 200

Last year I figured I could pick a better lineup than at least 6 of the “experts” out of players who weren’t selected. I didn’t do as well as hoped, but I’ll surely give it another try.

Here’s my 8 selections:

Christian Harder
Sam Stein
Andy Seth
Jon Turner
Gavin Griffin
David “Bakes” Baker
Noah Schwartz
Mike Sowers

I’ll update the standings weekly here at Pokerati, or when I remember to do it, whichever comes first.

15 Comments to “ Fantasizing about the WSOP”

  1. SoCalBMac

    Not liking Mark Seif’s team at all. Tom Dwan with the 1st pick? I guess if he doesn’t play the side games. Questionable with Doyle Brunson, How many tourney’s will he play? I’m not even gonna mention Johnny Chan….. Strong team Wolfman

  2. son of sue

    So Dan had the first pick in the ESPN draft and just blew it off? Go Batfaces!!

  3. Andrew

    SoCal – Dwan has big bracelet bets…expect him to be playing everything…


    Everyone has proclaimed 2010 the “Year of the Women” in Poker yet only 2 were chosen Annette and Jennifer Harmen. David Pham is a player who has been MIA this year here in LA. I have not seen him much. NO ONE picked the “Poker Brat” 🙂

  5. Kevin Mathers

    Scroll to the bottom, Holloway picked Hellmuth in round 1.


    Thanks Kev…1 out of 12 still sad though for Hellmuth dont you think?

  7. Kevin Mathers

    It was a fantasy draft, so everyone can’t pick Hellmuth.

  8. Andrew

    Scott – didn’t know that about Pham…I wonder if he’ll show up.

  9. DanM

    @zach my picks are all still available … moneymaker, farha, jason lester dutch boyd, tomer benvenitsi … who else am i missing?

  10. son of sue

    TBR, Lou Diamond, and Clonie.

  11. Harris

    Dan has Team Pokerati, who else would he possibly need?

  12. DanM

    Oh, right, I probably should start introducing the rest of the Team players. can’t expect you to carry the whole load on your back, Harris.

  13. DanM

    p.s. zach, i will bet you that at least one time during the series, the media will have a day of fawning over LDP. and you know, maybe i should invite clonie to play for the team. our patch is probably a better deal for her than Full Tilt’s.

  14. Kevin Mathers

    Can that be extended to any low-level celebrity who happens to play poker?

  15. DanM

    Dude, LDP was in La Bamba!