George Stephanopolous Playing Poker w/ the ( Pros

by , May 9, 2010 | 4:00 am

Old news, but first time I’m seeing it … (thanks KevMath for the embed code) … a very positive-for-poker segment on Good Morning America, with George Stephanopolous playing a private Poker After Dark sunrise sit-n-go against Annie Duke, Phil Hellmuth, Jason Lee, and Steve Begleiter. George played admirably and finished 3rd, after getting it in with the best hand.

Nice. What I couldn’t help but notice:

  • Sweet mini-gig for Ali Nejad, getting to host an event on Good Morning America.
  • Duke, who understands a thing or two about Washington and proper patching up, wore no UB.
  • Hellmuth did however — and not just, but dot-COM. Did Phil miss a memo or something?

Seriously, not to take away from the respectability of this sorta TV play … nice job by all, and hearing Stephanopolous declare his excitement about playing Ante Up for Africa-DC probably couldn’t have been a better result. But really … UB.COM? Notably either bold, ignorant, or inconsequential.

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