Tao of Pokerati Gearing Up for a Series to Re-Remember

by , May 17, 2010 | 7:43 pm

Wuh-oh, Dr. Pauly seems to be in the middle of a flashback … hang in there, bud, it’s OK. Drink some water and just find your happy place … remember, that tree doesn’t really want to eat you … because it’s a good tree.

Over on Tao of Poker, Pauly’s posted the complete Tao of Pokerati archives from the 2009 WSOP. Worth a listen without a doubt. I’m always amazed when checking traffic stats to see how much these short, 2-4 minute episodes continue to suck bandwidth play in reruns.

I know that other show I’m on is “award winning” and was named the “Top Poker Podcast” of 2009 in the Bluff Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards … and I love The Poker Beat, for sure. But Tao of Pokerati is different — and it’s more than just my little Porno for Pyros kinda side project.

Can’t really explain … but it’s way less slick, way more unplugged and unfiltered, and imho brings a whole new perspective to the summertime festivities as two seasoned, hardened WSOP vets give their instantaneous perspectives on what they are witnessing at the moment. And considering all the unforeseeable possibilities the 2010 WSOP promises to bring … well I just can’t imagine a better way for the cube-dwellers out there to understand what is really going on at the Rio.

Again, click on over to the Tao side of the equation to get your pre-WSOP juices flowing.

UPDATE: Oh right, and Benjo, too.

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