The Breakdown of Technology and Prize Structures

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by , May 31, 2010 | 8:05 am

Not sure what really happened yesterday, but I guess I started paying attention to the poker tournaments … or at least wandered near them. And it just so happened to be on a day when the 2010 WSOP faced its first brushes with meltdown.

First probs came with PokerNews’ suffering extended downtime … You’d expect the Lithuanians to have it all fixed by Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 … With hand reports and chip counts hard to find, the big story of the day was supposed to be the $50k Mix, whittling its way down toward the money. However, it was the first of six $1k NLs getting too close to the money too quickly that had Ty Stewart potentially facing his own Day 1-Donkulus. And it apparently came at a time when Nevada Gaming regulators were supposedly on premises breathing down necks while studying payout structures. Perhaps to his chagrin, Stewart had little choice but to give an unrehearsed, impromptu press conference in the face of a Tao/Pokerati ambush, complete with cussing and follow-up questions.

Episode 6: Universal Tech Tilt


It seems as those tech issues have been plaguing the poker media from Poker News to the Tao of Pokerati. Dan quizzes Pauly about what really goes on behind the scenes at Poker News.

Episode 7: Ty Sweat


While “brainstorming” for future episodes of Tao of Pokerati, Dan and Pauly encounter WSOP VP Ty Stewart, who is returning to the Rio around Midnight to keep an eye on a potential disaster, as he sweats the thinning field in the last level of Day 1B of the $1k Donkulus.

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  1. Kevin Mathers

    For whatever reason, the payout structures are not online for this year’s WSOP. For reference, here’s a link to the 2009 payout structure for 9-handed events:

    Since not many people want to read a 60-page PDF of random figures, hopefully this year they’ll break it down by table instead individual placing:

    When the field tops 100 players, two tables get paid. For every additional 100 players, one more table gets paid. When the field reaches 1000, the range changes to every 250 players, and three more tables get paid. Around 10% of the field will paid, plus/minus 1% either way.

    As Pauly mentioned, and as it was being discussed over at 2+2, I don’t think the WSOP staff was expecting “only” 1700 to play on Sunday, figuring that more than enough players would come out that there would be an issue about players getting knocked out too fast. Fortunately, the crisis was averted this time, and they’ll figure out for the remaining 1k weekend events to stop when there’s ~15% of the field remaining and then day 1b plays the same length of time.