Double Homicide at Dallas-Area Poker Game

by , Jun 15, 2010 | 8:08 pm

Details are sparse … but a suburban Dallas poker game erupted in gunfire last night, resulting in two people dead — an attempted robber and a player trying to stop him.

According to Fox 4 and Mesquite police, Tracey Moore, 35, apparently the game’s host, was shot and killed while scuffling with the armed intruder at an apartment in the 5900 block of Northwest Dr, shortly after midnight yesterday.

Another player, Jerome Johnson, 34, carrying a licensed concealed handgun, shot back, killing the suspect, too. Police have not yet released the alleged robber’s identity. And though they say it appears to be a case of self-defense, a grand jury will decide whether or not Johnson will face any charges.

5 Comments to “Double Homicide at Dallas-Area Poker Game”

  1. Paul smith

    Per channel 4 news it was at a Party. A picture of the apt with quote saying,”party-goers” is shown . So, why are you saying poker room ?

  2. Marvin C

    You have to listen betwen the lines. They also said,
    “The apartment was rented in Mr. Moore’s name,” not that it was Mr. Moore’s residence. They were investigating a double homicide and didn’t care whether it was a poker room or a party.


    Formality, If the dude that had a license to carry a weapon and he shot the would be robber.. Justified.

    Even if he did not have a license and this greedy S.O.B. who would rather steal then do an honest day work, broke into a residence and tried to commit a crime and was gunned down by someone inside, Justified whether you have a ccw or not. You have the right to bear arms and protect life and property. Some dude wrote that back in 1776

  4. DanM

    I agree Scott. In Texas, it’s pretty clear, you’re allowed to shoot someone in the back just to protect your property. (Don’t steal a man’s hat here.)

    @Paul … most “parties” don’t get armed robbed, generally, nor do they have people playing poker carrying guns … and most “parties” don’t get robbed without some screaming, liquored up female being ready to give an eyewitness account to the TV news.

    The Mesquite Police pretty much said it was a poker game to channel 4. Also, that was the buzz around Dallas poker phones even before the TV news showed up. Still waiting to get the actual arrest report — any help out there?

  5. Alicia

    Thanks for reinforcing why I no longer play in the Dallas underground. It’s just not the fun place it used to be. So all you underground room spammers… seriously, I’m never going to play your room, so you can stop. BTW, Dan, Lloyd and Terry K both cashed in the 1500 NLHE event tonight