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Pokerati vs. Sam Chauhan

by , Jun 28, 2010 | 10:11 am

As much as I’ve noted Team Pokerati’s struggles on the felt this summer, it’s not like our players don’t know their way to the WSOP payout window. Here’s a rundown of the team’s representative real-money scores so far:

(Click below for the Team Chauhan comparative results.)

Tom to La, after Team Pokerati’s first and only FT of 2010: “Congrats, you really played great. If I don’t bink a tourney soon, think you might be able to float me some scratch?”

Tom Schneider
$4,348 – 128th – $1.5k NLH
$22,085 – 14th – $1k NLH/Seniors
$3,352 – 52nd – $1.5k PLH
$6,128 – 32nd – $1.5k Omaha Hi/Lo

La Sengphet
$22,728 – 7th -$1k NLH/Ladies

Pat Poels
$13,232 – 10th – $2.5k Limit 2-7 3x

Robert Goldfarb
$6,128 – 29th – $1.5k Omaha Hi/Lo

The Big Randy
$3,428 – 196th – $1.5k NLH

Toothless Bob
$3,080 – 2nd place – $150 NLH (Binion’s Poker Classic)
$1,240 – 1st place – $65 NLH (Sahara nightly)
$355 – 4th place – $65 NLH (Sahara nightly)

John Harris (85Nutz)
TBD – first 2010 WSOP day 2 – $1k NLH

Seriously, I’m honestly thankful for and proud of ’em all. It makes me happy to know there are multiple skilled players in WSOP-ville proudly wearing Pokerati black and white — identifying their favorite poker website all while spreading the good word of Truth, Capitalism, and SEO.

For those still seeking a bit more from their 2010 WSOP — whether it be the first cash, a final table, surviving ’til dinner, or even just a little extended run-better — hang in there, be strong, you can do it, you know, positive attitude and shit. Stay focused, eye on the prize … have fun, sure, but never be too obvious about drug use or sexual perversions, and remember your duty to keep any and all douchebaggery to a minimum. That’s what Team Pokerati is all about!

From there, our WSOP mantra is simple: Bracelets happen.

So far the closest Harris (right) has come to a final table is watching La in the Ladies Event with her boyfriend, DC (left). But that all could change if today really is indeed his day.

UPDATE: It was not his day … Harris went out shortly before the bubble. But based on his play and re-finding some semblance of a comfort zone, I feel good about next week.

For the sake of comparison, let’s look at the current results for Sam Chauhan clients. Turns out his players have continued their winning ways this at the WSOP. And one of his MMA fighters just scored a big televised victory, too … and reportedly, according to a presumably highly reliable source, he also just got hired by an NBA team looking to incorporate Sammy’s Mindset Mojo into their 2010-11 gameplan.

Gavin Smith
$268,238 – 1st – $2.5k Limit/NLH
$38,424 – 16th – $10k NLH/HU

Jen Harman
$33,890- 6th – $2.5k Razz $ 2,500 Seven Card Razz
$173,159 – 3rd – $10k 7-stud Hi/Lo

Marco Traniello
$61,414 – 8th – $10k HORSE
$21,665 – 27th – $10k PLH
$1,870 – 282nd – $1k NLH
$10, 537 – 39th – $2.5k NLH/6h
$5,644 – 22nd – $1.5k LHE

Phil Hellmuth
$30,633 – 7th – $1.5k PLO Hi/Lo
$14,517 – 50th – $5k NLH
$25,472 – 15th – $1.5k NLH

Antonio Esfandiari
$17,987 – 32nd – $10k NLH/HU
$49,024 – 12th – $5k NLH
$2,880 – 211th – $1.5k NLH

Mike Matusow
$4,448 – 49th – $1.5k PLO Hi/Lo 1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo 8
$21,665 – 26th – $10k PLH

David Williams
$17,987 – 25th – $10k NLH/HU

Paul Wasicka
$1,834 – 286th – $1k NLH

Stacey Nutini
$4,866 – 88th – $1.5k NLH
$11,246 – 1st – $230 NLH/Ladies (Grand Poker Series)

Mike Frazin
$26,695 – 2nd – $1k NLH w rebuys (Bellagio Cup VI)

Cung Le
def. Scott Smith by TKO – Strikeforce MMA

Though plenty will still insist Chauhan’s formula for success is just a matter of statistical variance + marketing, as manager of Team Pokerati I have to at least consider Chauhan’s ballyhooed brand of poker tonic … as seen in his free weekly quasi-spam, most recently sent with a subject line presumably apropos for 90some-percent of WSOP competitors :

Unwanted Results

In life there is no failure only unwanted results. Most people feel upset or sad because of the results not being what they envisioned in life, business or even poker. The key is that we will all experience this throughout our life. You must find a way to deal with it in an empowering way.

Your brain usually focuses on negative experiences and references it instantly. Understanding the negativity bias of the brain, it takes an extra effort to internalize positive experiences and heal negative ones. When you focus on a positive experience you are correcting a neurological imbalance.That’s why people are attracted to drama and majority of people live in negativity. It takes a conscious effort to make you focus on a positive experience. When you have a positive experience today, help it sink in to any negative experience that you have in the future. When negative material arises, bring to your mind any emotion and perspective that will be the antidote to that negative material.

Don’t be attached to the outcome. Only worry about things you have control over. Everything else you worry about is a waste of energy. Just remember a sail boat in the middle of the ocean faces winds from different directions, as long as you control the sail you can reach your destination regardless. That’s the way you should think of yourself. You might have winds of uncertainty or doubt. Focus and make every setback a motivation for a comeback. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goal!

Never Give Up!!

Exactly. Pretty much what we said: Bracelets happen … everything else is gravy.

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  1. hungerfan

    I just heard from Derek. He was down to 2500 from the original 4500 chips and doubled up with his KK vs KJ on a J95 flop. He bets pot and the KJ pushes and he calls. No J to bust him and he is sitting around 6k.

  2. DanM

    which event is he in ed?

  3. hungerfan

    #49 1500 NLH is his first event. If you have not found him by now. No word from him since that last comment.