Sneak Peak at PokerStars Big Game

by , Jun 9, 2010 | 12:28 pm

If they just added a little Omaha, this show might be awesome … but apparently American players can’t handle that many cards? Alas … the rest of the world thinks we are dumb. Atill seems like it will be a pretty good, well-received show … a little new-school High Stakes Poker meets old-school World Poker Tour maybe?

Here’s the first look at the latest new poker infomercial set to repeatedly hit the cable-wire broadcast television — the Big Game. This clip features a pretty fun hand that you gotta think might have Phil Hellmuth on tilt at least until WSOP Event #30something. It’s a $200k pot, with Hellmuth an 85 percent favourite over the must-win amateur “loose cannon” … but running it four times isn’t even enough for Hellmuth to get half the pot. (He woulda been better off running it once.)

Yeow, with that much on the line and a bad beat x3, it’s almost as if some people might see this and not think of poker as a game of skill at all!

PSBG debuts Monday, June 14, “late night” daily on Fox (Sports, I presume?) regular Fox-not-Sports’ local network affiliates.

UPDATE: Ooh, awesome, more YouTube leakage … here’s the commercial promo component, at this point seen by fewer than 100 people.

10 Comments to “Sneak Peak at PokerStars Big Game”

  1. checkout

    Actually its on FOX not FSN. Comes on at 1am in Memphis.

  2. Kevin Mathers

    Airing on FOX (home of The Simpsons, 24, House, American Idol, etc) but check your local listings for the time in your area, if it airs in your area.

    Episodes will air the following day over at

  3. DanM

    Duly corrected, along with another technical error as a result.

    Thanks for catching it, guys. Note to self on how messy even little things can be when I go for speed over accuracy. (I just love catching a youtube vid before it has 100 views! The first one had like 129 when I started writing, and was up to about 330 when I posted.

  4. Rakewell

    Seems they changed the clip’s status to private, so now unviewable.

  5. DanM

    ooh, wonder if someone will get fired for “leaking” it! saw pimpage all over twitter though. will see if they use the same vid.

  6. change100

    I have spent the last 20 minutes trying to find the listing for this show so I can DVR it. Really it should not be this hard. I see a “Paid Programming block from 1:35-2:35 am on the Fox affiliate in Vegas, but when I search for “PokerStars Big Game” or just “PokerStars” I get a big fat nothing.

    If anyone knows what time this is airing in Vegas, or what decoder ring I need to purchase to find it please let me know

  7. Kevin Mathers

    When I emailed PokerStars support about this, here’s the message I got:

    “I can tell you that we will be launching a Big Game mini site in the next 24 hours and this will have all the information you need on TV airings. All you’ll have to do is click on the Big Game box on the home page and you’ll be directed to the new mini site.”

  8. DanM

    “new mini site”? … sigh.

    what do they not want us to see? or … are they getting al SEO-whorey, thinking, wait, if we’re about to get links on these shows, we don’t want them spreading all around the internet.

    Though I did get this video up maybe an hour before anyone else did, it’s not like we were the only ones with the video. the hosts of the show were pimping it out via twitter too.

    i wonder if Stars or Stars PR know that these sorts of games leave those of us who spend our time putting up content feeling played with. and it makes us very suspicious of their motives, regardless of how totally off-base such speculations could be.

  9. David Alexander

    I’m hoping they make it available as a download on Itunes…

    I remember… thinking… the two months two million guys
    didnt care about the poker they played… because.. they
    were selling it by way of itunes… (I bought probably,
    5 or 6 episodes..) and their two months two million just had
    to be from selling the tv show… as long as they could at least
    break even in their poker endeavors…

    These days.. I’m just into the on demand type thing…

    Download and watch it when I want… or watch it on hulu…

  10. John

    I found the video re-posted at:
    I think it looks good. Go Joey Stapes.