The License Plate Beat

by , Jun 23, 2010 | 7:49 pm

I can’t seem to convince anyone that this concept would make a great podcast, but still, I think there’s a lot to be learned from a person who decides to personalize their license plate with something pokery. And you know it’s only a matter of time before Poker News Daily assigns someone to start covering these stories.

Today’s plates were spotted in the valet lot at the Rio. This first one I think I’ve seen before:

UPDATE: We have.
And thought the license-plate frame suggests otherwise, if this one belongs to Seth Palansky, well, let’s just say he and I need to have a talk about those food comps …

5 Comments to “The License Plate Beat”



    I hope your not running around in 110 degree temp to get pics of plates? Or is the WSOP that boring this year?

    JK I think its cool your showing us these no other site would ever think of it! Some people are pretty ingenious when it comes to their vehicles.

  2. Seth

    Not me Dan…I think the PR in this case means “Player”

    I am a low-paid PR guy who can’t afford a Mercedes.

  3. Kevin

    I live in Stamford CT. I was picking up a pack of smokes at a very busy store. When I went outside I saw a Nevada plate ( with the las vegas logo) WSOP 2.

    Any Idea who I missed wishing “good Luck”?

  4. Dan Michalski

    i’m not sure who that is, but am curious. got a pic?

  5. Kevin

    I wish I did….. Like I said I walked out of the store and saw the the plate. I took a sec to see it was the WSOP and had the Las Vegas logo.
    It was a new Black luxury car like a BMW 700 series . I really didnt think twice until I pulled away and things clicked.

    When I came home I told my wife and I found this website and figured I would ask.