WSOP Degens, the Developing Legend of Thang Luu, and Scooping Poop for Buy-ins

by , Jun 5, 2010 | 6:17 am

As you may or may not have realized, I took it extra easy today (yesterday) … left KevMath in charge.

After a crazy-busy multilocation 8 am-2 am Thursday (breakfast meeting at Wynn, Poker Beat at Rio North, Semi-secret Chops/Pauly meeting in Rio South, impromptu meeting with Dan from Victory at Starbuck’s … then back to the Amazon for web-advice from @chazbeaner about the upcoming World Cup, and a lengthy convo with @JoeSebok about UB and pedophilia … and then on to the CardRunners happy hour at StripBurger in Fashion Show Mall … and then to the Hard Rock for my 1/2 NL/PLO game, where I may have stayed a little longer than I shoulda, according to my chip stacks, because with two tables running all night, friends, colleagues, and Pokerati readers were showing up one after another, and I wanted to be a good host) …

Anyhow, yes, so I decided to sleep in, which I did for nearly eight hours, and then took a nap for a couple more hours. It was awesome. So to catch up on everything I missed, I went first to KevMath’s Way Outside … and then to the latest link dump(s) on Tao, where I found all sorts of great clicks.

Most notably … Micon’s Donkdown Degen Report on Raw Vegas:

Watch Degenerate Update 2010 WSOP on

In this first episode, Micon reports on the latest Thang Luu hand-smashing news … though surely he’s just got his timeline crossed, right? No way Luu went back-to-back in $1,500 O8 bracelets AND breaking dealer hands! It’s gotta be a mistake, because if Luu broke two dealer hands in two separate incidents … damn, that is terrible legendary/awesome … assault and battery or not, that’s the kinda tale people will be telling at the 80th WSOP and beyond.

(Here’s what KevMath has on the matter, btw:

And who else to get to the bottom of it than a man who funded his bankroll by picking up dog shit?

But also in this episode … an even better story about earning getting others to pay your way to the WSOP … with noted 2+2er HIV, who got the forum to pay for 80 percent of his action, and then traded an additional 5 percent for Las Vegas room and board.

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