Annie Duke Talks Internet Gambling on MSNBC

Schooling the unschooled masses

by , Jul 30, 2010 | 11:22 am

Maybe I’m expecting too much from Annie … just watched her on MSNBC’s noon-time news, and I think if I were her opponent in this mini-debate I coulda blown her outta the water — even without believing anything I was saying! Fortunately, the opposition she’s up against here is so weak, she still clearly wins. The best psychology professor Tim Kelly’s got is some report about gambling addiction from 1999. As if anything related to the internet has any perception of validity when it comes from an era that existed before Windows XP … let alone the iPhone, the iPod, the War on Terror, and George W. Bush’s first term.

Check it out here and watch for yourself.

What I find most fascinating here is the sponsor for this news segment … GFT Forex online currency trading. Unlike roboforex here it seems risk based on limited, imperfect information … clearly elements of skill with some players guaranteed to win and others guaranteed to lose … exchanging money over international boundaries … come play for free with a practice account? They just don’t have to make you go to a dot-net for that.

Seriously, check out this old ad and ask yourself … how is this high-variance online financial game any different than something you might see on Full Tilt? I think they’ve even got some of the same avatars!

2 Comments to “Annie Duke Talks Internet Gambling on MSNBC ”

  1. DanM

    LOL, just clicking on some of the related videos, and here’s another one … for El Toro Forex:

    So reminds me of old PartyPoker commercials.

  2. Paul

    Watched the commercial 3 times…WTF are they selling exactly?

    Also agree with the assessment of Annie Duke. She wasn’t exactly aided by the fact that she was forced to go 1st in the debate, but the other guy was SO aweful that she clearly won. I like Annie a lot, but the validity of her arguements didn’t really seem to hold water. I’ve seen a WHOLE lot of people that have deposited more than $150 (her assessment of the average) in online poker.