Commerce Guaranteed Million Dollar Tournament Day 1d Update

by , Jul 24, 2010 | 5:39 am

Friday afternoon of the $335 Commerce Guaranteed Million Dollar Tournament drew the largest field with 716 players entering the tournament, with the final 72 making the money. To avoid an overlay, Saturday’s field will need to top 1,100 players. Saturday is expected to be the largest field, with registration available until 4:15pm like the other days of the tournament.

Joe Tehan led the field on Friday with 376,000 in chips, with Don Zewin (72,000) the other name player returning Sunday at 2pm. Among the name players to make the money: David “The Dragon” Pham, Hon Le and “Hollywood Dave” Stann. Friday’s tournament had three players — Abraham Barbarian, Sarjiv Karnataki, and Frank Schram — take advantage of the opportunity to re-enter the tournament and cash for a second time. Barbarian (108,000) and Schram (30,500) did well enough to return on Sunday afternoon.

Full results can be found here and for more details, click on the banner at the top of the page.

5 Comments to “Commerce Guaranteed Million Dollar Tournament Day 1d Update”

  1. DanM

    i suspect they’ll make it. saturday and all. but i’m a little torn … should i want them to cover, or not? generally, overlays are a good thing!


    Why are overlays a good thing? The tournament itself is a good thing. Someone has a chance for 335.00 to win close to 250,000. If casino’s don’t meet the guarantees we will not have these type of events and a chance at some life changing money.


    Why do you want the Casino not to make the guarantee.
    Wish I would proof before submitting!

  4. Brian G.

    well, did they make the number?


    No they had a 56,000 overlay