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by , Jul 15, 2010 | 5:15 am

Episode 67: Tempers Rising with Benjo DiMeo – An incensed Benjo goes off on an ESPN cameraman who tried to pick a fight with one of his French colleagues. As a six-year vet, Pauly shares a few of his run ins with the same surly cameraman who once nailed Mad Harper in the head. Yes, tempers are rising on Day 5 of the Main Event as the action on the tables and in the aisles heat up.

Episode 68: Fun with Names: Fokkin Bonkers with Benjo – After realizing that Dutch pro Fokke Beukers has the best name left in the Main Event, Benjo and Pauly search the remaining players list and attempt to pronounce the truly obscure and difficult ones.

Holy fugk, didn’t realize how many episodes behind I left all you over on this side of the internet pond. If Pauly, Benjo and I are supposed to be running in tandem as in a three-legged race, clearly I am the burlap sack. (Essential, but scratchy!) Be sure to catch up with whatever isn’t in your iTunes via the Tao of Pokerati complete archives.

And below are additional excellent and important episodes from the 2010 main event:

Quick mini-archive

Episode 59: The Party of the Year with Benjo
Episode 60: Fumigation and Boners with Chip Bitch
Episode 61: Media Day and Angry Timtern
Episode 62: Media Daze
Episode 63: Day 4 Hypertension
Episode 64: Big Head Randy and the Min-Cashers

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