Early Dinner Bubble Break?

by , Jul 13, 2010 | 8:31 pm

Had plans with Pauly to be ready to record an episode of Tao of Pokerati while the bubble was bursting … the text alerts came in … “8 left” … “we’re h4h now” … when he got to “5 left” I headed over, knowing we might lose the necessary players in a matter of a few long hands, or we could be waiting an hour or more.

Alas, I arrived to an empty Amazon room — WTF? Couldn’t believe we mighta had the fastest bubble-break ever, and I wasn’t there to see/hear/record it. But tuned in to the twitters to discover that what I really missed was a roomful of BOOOOs, balking at the decision of @WSOPTD to go on a 90-minute dinner break four away from the money.

That woulda been the sound to record — the collective groan from a Jack Effel decision that will likely be debated for years to come. Two of the more civil tweets about it:

RT @WSOPTD @wsop ME plyrs, need time to prepare 4 the money bubble. Paying 747 places requires precise coordination. thx for understanding.

@AlCantHang @WSOPTD I don’t disagree with decision but I don’t agree with the explanation. The entire world saw the bubble looming except WSOP staff?

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