(Way) Outside the WSOP – Media Day

by , Jul 11, 2010 | 7:57 am

Sunday is a day off for the remaining players in the Main Event, with only the media event scheduled at the WSOP.

Day 2b eliminations

Day 2b got underway Saturday afternoon with Bruce Buffer, who finished with 160,000 in chips, offering the command to shuffle up and deal to the 2,700+ hopefuls at the Rio with varying chances of making it to Monday’s Day 3. Some of the notable names who won’t be returning include Phil Ivey, Todd and Doyle Brunson, Darvin Moon, Andy Bloch, Josh Arieh, Roy Winston, Orel Hershiser, Shannon Elizabeth, Sam Simon, John Phan, John Duthie, Chris Ferguson, and Team Pokerati/Loudmouth Poker sponsored pro Tom Schneider.

Day 2b survivors

After four levels of play, concluding in the middle of level nine, the unofficial chip leader is David Assouline from Canada with 387,800.
Notables also returning Monday include Vanessa Selbst (265,000), Archie Karas (242,700), Dan Bilzerian (216,600), Phil Galfond (195,400), Jason Mercier (186,300), Karina Jett (170,000), Eric Buchman (134,200) and Dan Harrington (114,500). The full list of the over 2,500 players returning to day 3 are available here, while the Day 3 table draw is now available.

WPT Bellagio Cup VI starts today

Saturday, the WPT held a press conference announcing various changes for the ninth season, with their first event in the US at the Bellagio starting today, Bellagio Cup VI. In a last-minute scheduling change, late registration is now available until Tuesday afternoon, with four 90-minute levels Sunday and Monday. Here’s an interview RawVegas.tv had with CEO Steve Heller and Kimberly Lansing:

Watch WPT CEO Steve Heller Comments on Recent Changes to the WPT on RawVegas.tv

UPDATE: Late registration for Bellagio Cup VI will now be open until the start of level 12 on Tuesday. Sunday and Monday will be five levels each day.

6 Comments to “(Way) Outside the WSOP – Media Day”

  1. Losty

    Now this is unfair, Go to the WSOP site, No Coverage of Today’s Media event, Not even listed..

    You keep us informed, entertained, and interested, and when they have a small event to show their appreciation, they don’t even cover it..

    Nothing. It would be great to know who FTd it..

    But at least an acknowledgment, for without a lot of you a lot of us wouldn’t follow it NEARLY as close, though we would check it out. Yes, it’s not a Bracelet event. I can even get that as I assume if you have a credential it may be a freeroll. But if the Casino Employees event gets a writeup, so should this..

  2. Kevin Mathers

    The winner was Josh Zerkle of withleather.com/kissingsuzykulber.com, Shamus of Hard Boiled Poker/PokerNews fame got 3rd. Al Can’t Hang made the FT, and I think Lana of CardRunners also FT’d.

    I assume some sort of info about this will be given out tomorrow?

  3. DanM

    Yeah, who woulda been there to cover it? Glad Josh was able to win it. Nice guy, good blogger … who’s gotten quite the introduction to poker media in the past week.

    Shamus, btw, won his last media event, i believe — either on the EPT or NAPT?

  4. Kevin Mathers

    It was EPT Kyiv:


  5. Losty


    I wasn’t expecting Hand By Hand (That would be crazy), since everyone was in it and it was more a day off. I was thinking of the Jack/Nolan Recap at the end. Kevin hit the winner and some names and I saw Pauly busted out early –there are some names I’d look for and maybe it’s just me but I would like to know how the sites and writers I look to did.

  6. DanM

    Losty, I appreciate hearing that. Indeed, there are ways to cover it, and there were some fun moments along the way. The laid-backness of it all is what made it rather fun … a nice escape from the intensity of everything else WSOP, and a reminder of the joys (and amusing frustrations) of tournament poker for those of us who may have grown a bit sick of it.

    There are ways to cover it. Something to think of for future ones.