Pokerati Tourney Winner’s/Bustout Interview

NLH/PLO schooling by Lev

by , Aug 20, 2010 | 9:32 am

Really quickly, before today’s poker news starts streaming in and the main event at Detox Poker gets underway … below is the video from the Pokerati tournament earlier this week. It lasted into the wee hours, not unlike this year’s WSOP Final-10-to-November-Nine … yeah, pretty much exactly the same thing.

Perhaps strangely perhaps not, I have little experience on either side of the bustout interview … but the ever-belletristic Marco from QuadJacks was on hand and presumably half-awake to discuss the finale of Detox Event #11, which saw Lev Serzhenko beat yours truly to claim the $5,184 first prize befitting the newest Pokerati (NLH/PLO) Champion.

Final hand, btw: No-Limit Hold’em, outchipped about 4:1 … I check-raise all-in when my Ace pairs the flop … Lev calls semi-quickly with open-ended straight and flush draws, and makes runner-runner trips FTW! (Dammit.)

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  1. ruben zuniga

    Dan…it’s ruben. How the hell r u? Looking good! Let’s hook up if u have time.


  2. DanM

    yo ruben! good to hear from you. how goes it for you? (my answer to that is a loaded question … lost my legs in Nam.) but you do know i am in Vegas now, right? surely you gotta make it to this town once in a while, right?

  3. ruben zuniga

    Yes, I knew u packed up and headed west! Im coming n2 town in Nov. I’l give u the details, just shoot me an email at the account I used to post the reply. Hopefully we can hit some cash games and play a few tourneys.

    See ya soon and take care,