Rumorati: Harrah’s Sale of the Rio Complete

New home for 2011 WSOP almost 100 percent unofficially semi-confirmed

by , Aug 4, 2010 | 3:42 pm

UPDATE: Little of what’s below, if any, is accurate. [Link]

The end of an era is upon us … with Harrah’s finally selling the Rio — that horrendous dump of a property at 3700 W. Flamingo Rd. that reminds us how quickly Las Vegas luxe can deteriorate …

But also a place that the World Series of Poker and so many of us connected to it have long called home — at least for most of our 21st century summers.

More details TK.

Credit @LasVegasMichael for getting the pseudo-confirmation and other info as it emerges.

Our extra-reliable sources at Pokerati confirm as much. Everyone knew it was coming, but supposedly the actual sale went down yesterday. To “one of those name name and ampersand venture capital companies.”

I’ve long held that Caesar’s would be the most likely new home of the brick-and-mortar equivalent of CaesarsCasino and CaesarsBingo dot coms. But early word without having talked directly to all those people we know extremely well and would be the ones who actually do know … Planet Hollywood … that will be the new home.

Again, all of this technically unconfirmed, but place your bets on the wherabouts of the 2011 WSOP-Ho here.

9 Comments to “Rumorati: Harrah’s Sale of the Rio Complete”

  1. April

    My vote: a much-needed implosion of the Imperial Palace; Harrahs then builds a “WSOP” themed complex in it’s place.

    Really I’m just looking for an excuse to implode IP.


    First it left Binions and everyone was hysterical but if they were to still have it there players would have to be shuttled in and out because downtown could not handle the parking of 2 or 3 thousand a day.

    Going to the Strip I suspect the same problem. Does PH have a facility the size of the RIO’s to hold the WSOP? Does Caesar’s?

    The parking at the Rio for the WSOP was OK, Hot as hell to walk from your car and I always felt for those Valet guys.

    Going to be interesting no doubt, great job Dan for Rumorati!

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Caesars’ definitely, Planet Hollywood is close.

    Harrah’s now has seven properties in a row on the LV strip (Harrah’s, Imperial Palace, Flamingo, Bill’s Gambling Hall, Bally’s, Paris, Planey Hollywood). If they can get most of the players into those hotels, how many are going to be driving on the Strip?

  4. Mojo

    Move it to the Convention Center. I need an excuse to ride the monorail!

  5. Brian G.

    I think moving it to the strip is a natural progression. Really, it should have moved there to begin with. There is little doubt there will be huge finanical benefits to it being more accesible. The only losers in this move are cab drivers and the Gold Coast. I never stayed at the Rio during the WSOP. I always had to cab it over, which really sucks when you are leaving.

  6. Michael

    Kevin Mathers says:
    August 4th, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Caesars’ definitely

    this pretty much seals it that it is not going to be Caesars


    This is not really related to this thread but this article just irks the shit out of me…Government is out of control.

  8. zachdealer

    I didn’t even know PH was owned by harrah’s.

  9. DanM