The License Plate Prop Bet

Abbreviated hijinks for good, harmless fun?

by , Aug 5, 2010 | 11:19 am

This proposition payout doesn’t require big money, but done right, it could cost someone dearly. That’s what makes for such a fun, thrilling, high-impact wager … yet without the risk of body scarification or indentured servitude:

The License Plate Bet
Winner gets to choose the loser’s license plate for a set period of time.

Simple, poignant, highly visible … up to 7 characters that if clever enough could stick with your opponent in a way that brings shame and embarrassment for years to come! But because the DMV has final approval, no worries about being tagged with something not-so-funny like HERPES or IH8NGRS.

Suggestions to start you thinkin’ about your glorious inverse-vanity payday …

According to the Nevada DMV’s Personalized License Plate Availability Search:

PERVERT – not suitable
GAYBOY – available!
DOOSH – not available
DOUCHEE – available!
DBAG – available!
2XLOSER – available!
HOOKER – not suitable
ESKIMO – not available
RAIL HO – available!
420 DLR – pending review
J YANG – available!
FARTER – available!
POTHEAD – not suitable
IBTIPSY – available!
COKEDUP – available!
DIKSHIT – available!

OK, that’s enough for now. Don’t wanna give all the good ones away. While some alphanumeric combos seem to be already blocked, the others still must pass human muster with the DMV … but that means there’s a chance for human error or other shenanigans to slip something through like this one, which seems perfectly appropriate for Hummers and certain sports cars.

3 Comments to “The License Plate Prop Bet ”

  1. Lori

    When you apply for your plate, you have to explain the meaning of the phrase you’re applying for so have your story in order GAYBOY


    Get this I tried getting SIRPKR here in California and was sent a letter denying me that plate because they deemed it offensive.

  3. brdpoker

    Thinking about getting “SHIPIT” or “WTFIMO” here. Or maybe “TEHBRD.”