What Are You Doing Tomorrow?

Playing like a (Pokerati) champion, of course

by , Aug 17, 2010 | 4:21 pm

Tomorrow is the second guarantee @DetoxPoker … $50k assured, for a $230 buy-in with a single $200 rebuy. That makes the math pretty hard to do for how many runnin’ rebuyers they need to avoid putting up an overlay … and potentially having one of the new suits chopping heads from the Poker Lounge staff willy-nilly. But gotta think they’ll make that small one.

Of course the real event everyone’s talking I’m thinkin’ about is tomorrow’s big Pokerati event at 5 pm. While there’s no guarantee in play beyond good times, lots of action, and a little PLO tourney experience — and its still unclear how CardPlayer intends to interpret their own rules for POY points — Event #11 is the one tournament at Detox offering a true World Championship.

I know this because I declared it so myself … and I’m pretty sure that’s how it works in poker! So as of right now, until someone declares otherwise, tomorrow’s late Detox event will be the 2010 Pokerati NLH/PLO Championshi … check that … make it the 2010 NLH/PLO World Championship!

The WSOP can’t really raise a stink, I’m pretty sure, because not only does Harrah’s not actually own the word “World”, but also, for some unknown but presumably ridiculous reason, the WSOP doesn’t have a bracelet event for NLH/PLO … even though it’s one of the most fun, challenging action games out there, and similar to the biggest games in the world being played between Durrrr, Isildur1, Ivey, and others. (Full Tilt calls the double-hold’em combo HA, of course.)

For legal purposes, obv, the full name of this title will be the $230 Pokerati NLH/PLO with a Single Optional $200 Rebuy Available in the First Three Levels World Championship, 2010, presented by Leftover Pouches of Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. But that was starting to sound a bit cumbersome … and all those letters were getting a little to fit on the winner’s sash.

So yeah, Pokerati’s NLH/PLO Championship @Detox … call it what you will, World, Galactic, Whatever FTW Championship! But show up tomorrow with a typical buy-in to the Pokerati cash game to find out who can really play this internationally popular dually … and win without running it twice!

Facebookers encouraged to RSVP here and pass it on to friends. The rest of you are encouraged to sit back and follow along while dreaming of Durrrr-like glory.

5 Comments to “What Are You Doing Tomorrow? ”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    $200 of the buyin and $190 of the rebuys go into the prize pool, so a total of ~250 buyins/rebuys is needed to reach the guarantee.

  2. DanM

    Hmmm … will be close. I’m gonna guess about 240ish.

  3. DanM

    Oh, wait, I thought you meant 250 starting players, not total prize-pool contributions (from a player).

    My guess is about 78 percent will do the rebuy.

  4. Joe75

    I know this because I declared it so myself

  5. mona75

    I know this because I declared it so myself