by , Sep 6, 2010 | 3:46 pm

Much more to say on the matter … but just to set the record straight, after further research I am now fairly confident that the rumor propagated across the internet about a Harrah’s sale of the Rio being “complete” was not accurate.

Pretty sure something was close to done and may or may not have fallen apart, and that Harrah’s is still looking to unload the home of the WSOP on someone … with any serious offers of $300 million or more getting a real look. But I don’t really know even that. Meanwhile, any poker media who ran with the story needs to consider their willingness to rely on such unsavory sources, and should probably go sit in a corner and think about what they’ve done.

2 Comments to “BTW FYI ”

  1. snyder

    All news sources do that now.MSNBC is one of the worst.
    somebody has a twitter and its blown up like its breaking news before it fact checked .Very Sad

    Nice job on the blog , love it!!!

  2. 702

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Your rumors are not accurate. Your price of $300M is completely wrong. I know the 2 prospect companies that we’re in serious talks and those fell through. Guess which casino off of the stip makes the most in gaming revenue? Not Palms, not stations…yes it is the Rio. Even if it does get sold and WSOP gets brought to another property the biggest issue is going to be parking. The Rio is perfect. It’s off the strip, and the pavilion parking is used for nothing else but WSOP parking. You think it will be fun to drive to Caesars and try to find parking in their garage on a Friday? Hell, you can barley get parking there anyday of the week now. I agree that Rio is outdated but they have done a damn good job on hosting the greatest poker tournament in the world.