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CardRunners presents … JBaller88

by , Sep 15, 2010 | 5:57 pm

More CardRunners training … this time from Jimmy Ackerman, known as JBaller88, one of CR’s low-stakes 6-max NLH coaches. I think he’s like a poor man’s Jungleman. Watching his lessons, I hear things pulled from a poker glossary I musta missed in the back of Super/System.

In this little snippet alone you’ve got advanced progressive poker thinking that can include 3-barrel bluffs, value-bluffs, wet boards, dry boards, and how to counter the “3-bet” you hear so much about these days … not to mention situations for optimal 3-draws. It’s the kinda stuff that frustrates the hell outta old-dog poker traditionalists (I think) and yet for a generational poker tweener like yours truly, JBaller’s explanations all somehow make sense.

If you’re a super-cheap bastard without a bankroll because you haven’t yet learned how to 3-bet in a 4-barrel world JBaller’s got another free vid up at CardRunners … and of course you can get full access to CardRunners’ poker training for free here.

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