Pokerati Announces Slight Changes to Rules in NLH/PLO Game

by , Sep 17, 2010 | 3:06 pm

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September 17, 2010

Pokerati Game Releases Minor Rules Update for Version 2.0 Upgrade
without Revealing Real Facts Behind Brief Hiatus, Rumors of Discord

A 1/2 no-limit hold’em/pot-limit Omaha (round of each) game that has become known as “the Pokerati game” is preparing for its return to the Las Vegas felts with minor tweaks to its rules. The game has been called “high stakes action for low-stakes players”, “real poker for advanced beginners”, “festive high-stakes action for ‘advanced’ low-stakes players”, and “good times!” on Facebook and Twitter.

Key components include alternating rounds of the world’s two most popular games, running-it-twice, limited buy-ins, and small pre-flop betting in unstraddled Omaha hands — none of which were offered for low-stakes at licensed Nevada casinos until packaged as such by Pokerati, the most awesome and influential award-winning independent poker media outlet in the world.

“We are confident these changes that we’re not really pointing out will vastly improve the game and make it even more attractive to pros, PLO beginners, and players with plans to play in the November Nine,” said a spokesman for Pokerati. “Or they will be completely inconsequential.”

New rules can be found at the internet URL < >

The Pokerati Game, begun in November ’09, has been popular with Vegas-based media personalities, professional players including WSOP and WCOOP bracelet winners, visiting bloggers, tourists excited to find live PLO option at low stakes, and cocky PLO locals like this one guy named Rex. Notable players have included “Bodog Ari” Engel, David “the Maven” Chicotsky, LIPS Grand Champion Stacey Nutini and her boyfriend, WSOP-Circuit champion and Full Tilt exile Jason Newitt, Scott Fischman, and nearly a dozen dudes who were like totally hammered.

Player representatives from Team Pokerati — all who have booked winning sessions in the game — have included captain Tom Schneider, 2010 WSOP MVP La Sengphet, Good Chuck, and JV Superstar Toothless Bob (who chose this game to play his first ever live hands of Omaha).

The most dominating player the Pokerati cash game has ever seen, however, was November Niner Joe Cheong, aka subiime, who turned a $300 buy-in into nearly $1,900 in just a few hours before donking off a couple hundred.

“I knew he was making a move,” said Dan Michalski, creator of the game and its biggest loser in history despite taking down a $2,800 score by finishing 2nd in the inaugural tournament version. “But I was just too much of a pussy to push with Ace-Queen suited because he had so many chips he could call with anything, and I didn’t want to have to rebuy.”

The Pokerati Game ran for more than nine months at the Hard Rock Poker Lounge in Las Vegas, and closed out its first season with the $230 No-Limit Hold’em / Pot Limit Omaha with a single $200 Rebuy World Championship, run by venerable TD and WPT Executive Tour Director Matt Savage. Players competing for that title included Gavin Smith, Layne Flack, Peter Costa, the Maven, Gary Bolden (currently ranked 111th in CardPlayer’s 2010 Player of the Year race) and Katkin.

The “Dash for the Sash” was won by a 23-year-old Russian drifter named Lev.

“This is the game everybody is clamoring for, and even traveling to Vegas just to play,” said the spokesman for Pokerati, a poker blog, social media, and live action consultancy established in 2004. “More than 2,700 Twitter followers and 112 Facebook ‘likers’ can’t be wrong. Fans know no-limit hold’em/PLO is not the same if it’s not a Pokerati Game.”

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Image 1: Lev Serzhenko, winner of the inaugural Pokerati NLH/PLO Championship winner, shows his support for minor rule changes to accommodate different Vegas casinos.

Image 2: Joseph Cheong developed the necessary chip-stacking skills to make the November Nine by building similar stacks while absolutely destroying a Pokerati NLH/PLO cash game, which provides both a safe and exhilarating way to bide one’s time while waiting for the WSOP main event final table to resume.

Image 3: Become a fan of the Pokerati game on Facebook.

Pokerati Game Rules (as of 9/16/10)

The Pokerati Game – Rules

Updated: Sep 16, 2010

$1/$2 NLH/PLO
min: $100
max: $300

Up to $500 from the felt.

Straddle: Allowed UTG for $4 in NLH, $5 in PLO.

Players can run-it-twice in all-in situations where there can be no more betting. Burning-and-turning is the same as it would be for any flop, turn, or river.

With more than two players in a hand, the decision to run-it-twice occurs only after all possible betting is complete. A player who elects to run it just ONCE must either show or muck after seeing the first river to determine if the hand needs to continue.

In 9-handed Omaha, when the full board is run twice (all-in pre-flop), the last card in the stub will play.

Calculating the pot in PLO:
We round up the small blind, so someone coming in for “pot” UTG would be $8. With one limper pot is $10, with two, $12 … etc.

“Repot” is 3x the previous pot bet + any chips that went in prior; 4x if one person called the first pot bet, 5x if two called, etc.

If someone wants to come in for pot with a ($5) straddle on, the bet is $20. If there is one limper it would be $25, and then $30, and then $35, etc.

Ater the flop, on all hands (regardless whether or not there was a straddle) the dealer will round to the nearest $5 increment (after rake has been pulled) for determining the pot.

  • Cannot be played 10-handed.
  • A player can not be dealt around. If absent, standard buying the button rules apply.
  • Changing to all-PLO is acceptable, late in a session, if unanimous. However, the game should stay listed as NLH/PLO. And if new players want to join the half-and-half game, it will switch back to its original round-of-each format.

9 Comments to “Pokerati Announces Slight Changes to Rules in NLH/PLO Game”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    When’s will the Pokerati spokesperson announce the new location of the Pokerati Game 2.0?

  2. DanM

    Probably won’t announce anything official for a few weeks, but I have it on good authority that the game’s gonna be played tonight at Aria. 7:30 start time.

  3. Steve

    I am starting a petition to bring the game to New Orleans? Are franchises available?

  4. DanM

    Steve, let’s talk. You already know the rules. And have I gotten you a Pokerati cut card?

  5. KenP

    Matt Savage + Linda Johnson + Bob Ciaffone = DanM = Delusions of Grandeur

  6. DanM

    Bob Ciaffone? Really? You couldn’t go at least Tom McEvoy?

  7. mike

    What happened to this game at Hardrock?

  8. DanM

    just some management shakeups that left Pokerati’s deal not as desirable as before. No hate for the hard rock … but after our success there it was time to find a new home. We’re still searching …

  9. mike

    Sounds good. I will be in Vegas on Thursday the 30th so if you are doing a game please let me know. I played @ The Hardrock during the world series and had a blast with you guys. Thanks!