Farewell to Pokerati (?)

by , Oct 8, 2010 | 5:00 am

First the good news: I’ve finally made my way into actually working in the “poker media” (not counting the two months I worked during the 2009 WSOP at PokerNews) by accepting a position working with Bluff magazine. The bad news is that one of the conditions is that I’m no longer able to write here at Pokerati. To be honest, I’m not thrilled by that particular condition, but those are the sacrifices one needs to make sometimes. You realize how fragile things can be in the poker media when someone as talented as Change100 was let go from PokerNews this week.

Dan is more than capable to handle things here at Pokerati, and there’s several possible things in the coming months that may make me regret this decision. I know the site will continue to grow and I hope for the best, and I’ll still make my appearance in the comments as needed. I appreciate Dan giving me my break in May of 2008 after enduring my hundreds of comments to his posts. Thanks again, and hopefully I can do with Bluff what I’ve done for Pokerati over the coming months.

9 Comments to “Farewell to Pokerati (?)”

  1. WhoJedi

    Best of luck Kev. A loss for Pokerati but I am sure you will do excellent work over at Bluff my friend!

  2. Pauly

    Bon voyage.

  3. Luke Thomas

    Farewell Kevmath..

  4. mattwaldron

    Sad day when the Skynet androids start taking our jobs! 😉 j/k

    Pokrati’s loss is def Bluff medias game. I hope they wield you well sir! (With great power comes great responsibility…and all that shit.)

  5. DanM

    Indeed, it’s a bittersweet farewell. But as I always told kevmath, if this day didn’t come for him then i wasn’t doing my job. (lol, sorry it took almost three years, kevin!) i’m sure he’ll do us extra-proud to call him an alum.

  6. Mark Gahagan

    I think this can just be filed under “good for poker.” Great work while you were at Pokerati and here’s to continued success over at Bluff.

  7. DanM

    kevin clearly hasn’t told you about what we do to first-years …

  8. Mark Honbo

    You know on Facebook where you click a “Like” next to something? This is me clicking a “Like” here. Congrats to Kevmath, but even bigger props to Bluff for bringing him aboard.

  9. hungerfan

    Kevin! Your (Way Outside) articles will be missed here at Pokerati. Good luck at Bluff and I hope they treat you very well.

    @Mark, please do not put any crazy ideas into Dan’s head. Thank you.