Full Tilt Weighing Options in Washington State

by , Oct 8, 2010 | 9:05 pm

I swear I’m taking a vacation. But it may take me a while to get off the blogging sauce. Meanwhile, Full Tilt is addressing customers in Washington State — saying for now, carry on, but they’ll let you know if they change their mind in the future.

What’s interesting is that you can see Tilt, via message from Support, leaning on the game-of-skill defense (possibly their best option at this point) … and at the same time, if they do pull out, we may strangely see the benefit of Washington’s ignobly conceived law: showing other states how the “opt-out” model of regulation (the PPA proposes) could work.

2 Comments to “Full Tilt Weighing Options in Washington State”

  1. Luke Thomas

    So some states could pull out and some could decided to regulate online poker…. I don’t like it but I guess it’s better than nothing. I think a better plan would be to somehow subvert the whole process. Where is the technology to be able to play anywhere on earth and have “the man” not know where the hell you are playing from. Where is the technology to get money from point A to point B seamlessly without “the man” being any wiser. When as a society are we going to rise up and take our Kalashnikovs and bayonets to “the man” and say, “We have had enough.” I swear I’m not crazy….I swear. Rant over.

  2. JamesDaBear

    Of course they’re going to say this right now… they want Washington State fishes (and I’m not talking about salmon) depositing and playing in their upcoming FTOPS and grinding out the satellites to do so, just as PokerStars did with the WCOOP. I suspect they’ll cut off Washington State the day after and no sooner. I have no reason to believe otherwise, because they’ve given us no reason to believe otherwise.