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by , Oct 5, 2010 | 1:38 pm

Stuart Hoegner is quickly becoming something akin to the Joe Navarro of online-centric, international casino and gambling law. Though I’m sure @GamingCounsel on Twitter would never claim to be anything close to an @Kevmath for poker-related legal and legislative matters, this independent barrister and solicitor (they say things funny in Canadian) has in due process become a go-to voice of info about the latest legal and political shifts affecting 10s of millions of people in our multibillion-dollar industry.

While in town a few weeks ago, he sat for an episode of Jon Friedberg’s UTG, where they tackled some challenging questions for the Poker Industry as a whole in these undeniably tumultuous legal times — for anything connected to online gambling:

(Here’s a link if you’re having probs with the player as I am:

Ahh, remember how cute it was when Poker’s primary response to any insinuation of illegality was simply: “Whatever, game-a-skill.”

GamingCounsel has also become a regular guest on a podcast called CEM Audio Edge (Casino Enterprises Management), where he has broken down in great detail for CEMers matters of Canadian gaming code as well as effective use of Twitter:

Speaking of laws and Twitter, while we’re at it here are some quick story-worthy links — all ganked highlighted from @GamingCounsel’s feed:

Legal Briefs

State of Maine seems ready to expand gambling beyond parimutuel horse betting with a new “racino”.

Alderney (Full Tiltville) pushing propaganda to maintain its relevance as international online gaming regulator.

Isle of Man (PokerStarzistan) hosting frigid online gaming summit in November.

New Jersey Senate passes billto revitalize state gaming industry with boutique casinos.

Also …

The New York Times acknowledges that Big Casinos are finally on board with online gambling.

And a NYT piece about the continuing recession in Vegas.

Lastly, for now, (GC’s got plenty more) … The Economist on sports betting, athlete salaries, and match fixing.

5 Comments to “GamingCounsel Approaches the Bench ”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Maine already has racinos at Scarborough Downs and Bangor Raceway, two racetracks that offer harness racing.

  2. DanM

    ah, i was trying to find out what they did and didn’t have. maybe my use of the word “first” was incorrect? i could see maine had 4 racetracks, but seemed this new law would be for something bigger (gaming-wise) than what they already have.

    i’m clearly no gamingcounsel, lol. will edit accordingly.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Turns out I was half-right as well, thought Scarborough Downs also had slots. Oops.

    Besides Bangor Raceway, there’s high-stakes bingo offered in the state.

    Edit: Scarborough has tried twice to have a racino built, but referendums have failed twice in the past few years.

  4. DanM

    dude, kevin, hater got you razzed? off your game?

    all good tho, we both know more than we woulda imagined before sunrise about maine gaming.

  5. Sarah Klaphake Cords

    Great interview with Stuart. He is a fantastic guest and we’re so proud to have him as a contributor at Casino Enterprise Management! Thanks for mentioning our content.