Live From Foxwoods… End of Day 3

by , Oct 30, 2010 | 6:36 pm

It’s getting down to the wire at Foxwoods as just 28 players made it to the end of Day 3 at the WPTs World Poker Finals.

With 25 spots paid, it’s likely to be a short trip into the money Sunday. Players will redraw after one more elimination as they get down to three tables.

Then the issue of time becomes the biggest factor, as the tournament is scheduled to finish on Tuesday. Depending on the pace of play on Sunday, there will either be a day off (if they get down to six) or a short play down to the final table.

The chip leader going into Sunday is Chris Hunichen with 714,000. Josh Arieh, Jason Mercier and Gavin Smith are all in the top ten heading into Day 4. Other notables remaining include Tom Marchese (249,000), Hoyt Corkins (239,000), Mike Beasley (120,000), Ronnie Bardah (112,000) and Kyle Bowker (70,000). The average chip count is 259,285

Play will resume at 12 pm.

Top Ten:

  1. Chris Hunichen – 714,000
  2. Nikolai Yakovenko – 580,000
  3. Josh Arieh – 548,500
  4. Ben Klier – 465,500
  5. Keven Stammen – 387,000
  6. Mohsin Charania – 349,000
  7. Jeff Forrest – 342,500
  8. Jason Mercier – 342,000
  9. Gavin Smith – 307,500
  10. Bryon Springer – 293,000

You can find the remainder of the chip counts and live updates during the action at or

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