CardRunners’ First Nikachu Video

Free Poker Training from Winner of CR’s Online Poker Instructor Idol

by , Nov 11, 2010 | 8:05 am

It’s easy to see why Nikachu won CardRunners’ Video Challenge. Seriously, not bullshitting … call me under-educated in the new math of online poker, but this may be the best poker schooling vid I’ve seen. It’s certainly different, as a matter of both style and substance, and this player I was pretty sure was something out of Pokemon got me thinking about poker in new ways … yet ways that seem to make simple sense. (We’ll see how it all applies next time I sit down.)

Sometimes funny, too!

Am I right? Don’t he rabbits make it so much easier?!?And who knew it could be so easy to fold such monsters early in a hand. You can get more from Nikachu’s poker training at CardRunners for free via Truly Free Poker Training, which takes your standard online play to accumulate access to CR’s library of more than 2,000 training videos by the only players who consistently seem to be winning these days.

5 Comments to “CardRunners’ First Nikachu Video ”

  1. Live Poker

    I’m with you here on this one Dan in the sense that this guy knows how to make a training video. He also is sick smart. If I’ve learned anything from this video I know not to play this guy or to let my sweet mother listen to his monologue.

  2. benjammin509

    Thanks for posting. Quality vid.

  3. BxCapricorn

    Don’t THE rabbits. Sorry, hate mistypes and I also rely on my spell checker to catch these things. Dum spelchecker. Love the blog.

  4. Tri

    Wow, awesome video.

  5. Poker 4ever

    Nice. Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂