First Hour Thoughts

by , Nov 6, 2010 | 1:38 pm

Twitter seems to be the primary medium that I am releasing information, so definitely check that out for up-to-date information (@Mark_Gahagan). Some thoughts after the first hour of play:

  • The Mizrachi clan is definitely the loudest of the bunch, whenever he is in a pot the crowd goes nuts when he wins.
  • Senti is an all-in machine, he’s shoved about 4 times and won without seeing every time.
  • Showdowns are light, only 1 so far and it took a while for it to even happen, with Racener’s overpair beating Dolan’s top pair.
  • The crowd, outside of the Mizrachi situations, are pretty quiet so far, not nearly as much excitement as the ESPN coverage would lead you to believe.
  • For a while, I thought Matt Jarvis was going to be the first casualty of the day, he seemed on tilt after losing that big pot earlier to Joesph Cheong.

Break is coming soon, will definitely use that opportunity to take in some light, its way too dark in the press box.

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