Level 36 Highlights

by , Nov 6, 2010 | 2:44 pm

Twitter link: @Mark_Gahagan

Bullet point posts are going to be the method of choice because I’m all for giving you all no-nosense content. Here’s the winners and losers of Level 36:


  • Mizrachi/Dolan/Cheong: Both for chipping up and for being the winners of the “Who is gonna get patched?” lottery.
  • Jason Senti: For his late double-up in the level that knocked out Soi Nguyen.


  • Soi Nguyen: His ninth place bustout was a classic coinflip, but his AK couldn’t beat the QQ of Jason Senti (the Q on the flop probably didnt help). When asked how he felt, he said that “this was the best 4 months in his life” and “he was not worried about finishing in 9th.” Soi was the only “amateur” in the event, but he went through the interview like a pro.


  • Matthew Jarvis: Grenaded most of his stack and has been languishing at the bottom of the chip count ever since.

Some Interesting things to Note

  • Someone in Jason Senti’s crowd stripped down to his underwear, security only made him put his shirt back on.
  • The press box is far less lively than the stage, but its great for getting work done.
  • Dan still isn’t here, but the site hasn’t gone down in flames yet so we’re all good so far.

Hope to bring you more via twitter as we get Level 37 (300k/600k blinds, 75k ante) underway.

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