Level 37 Breakdown

by , Nov 6, 2010 | 5:10 pm

Level 37 saw a huge hand lead into an Ace on the River(tm: Barry Greenstein), a change in the chip leader, and a crowd that is both definitely paying attention and definitely falling asleep.


  • Michael Mizrachi: After quietly gaining chips over the previous two hours, Grinder exploded in a huge 30+M chip pot to take himself right into the higher end of the chip counts. The hand was crazy: AQ vs 99 all in pre flop against Matthew Jarvis. Flop: Q8Q, edge Grinder. Turn: 9, edge Jarvis. River: A, win for Grinder and one of the first times the crowd has been truly excited in hours.
  • Jason Senti: He’s still hanging tough, but isn’t really moving one direction of the other, and the increased blinds could have made things even worse later in the evening. That said, his cheering section is starting to get into it. An ill-timed all in nearly proved the death of him, going all in with K7o only to be called by chip-leader Cheong with A9s. An Ad on the turn gave Cheong a pair, but Senti actually got more outs. The river gave him the flush and a huge lifeline.


  • Joseph Cheong: I think taking the chip lead for most of the level would have made him a winner. Unfortunately, a late double-up of Jason Senti gives Cheong a mixed set of results for the level.
  • Filippo Candio: The man has increased his stack, but the way he showed his bluff against the Grinder later in the level was a little…much.
  • Jonathan Duhamel: A couple missteps in big pots has not nearly cost him the lead, but dropped him into the rest of the pack, a position he’s surely not used to.


  • Harrah’s: The internet has been slower than molasses for the last two hours and there hasn’t been much in terms of fixing it. Makes for difficult reporting when it take 15 minutes to get updated chip counts.
  • Matt Jarvis: Nothing makes your heart sink and race as much as his hand versus Grinder. Unfortunately, he couldn’t pull it off, and ends up the 8th place finisher.
  • John Racener, John Dolan: They’ve been pretty quiet, no huge moves worth mentioning. And thus have nothing really to report. That said, they’ve both been slipping.

Chip Counts

  1. Jonathan Duhamel – 42.8m
  2. Joesph Cheong – 39.4m
  3. Michael Mizrachi – 38.6m
  4. Filippo Candio – 35.3m
  5. John Dolan – 29.8m
  6. Jason Senti – 20.6m
  7. John Racener – 13.7m

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