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Update from Pappas, the PPA, et Al D’Amato

by , Dec 6, 2010 | 5:38 pm

Was just writing a post highlighting a few places to bookmark for the week, including:

Everyone seems to be on pins and needles waiting to hear something … when along comes word over the transom from our good-good friends at the PPA, giving the update on where things stand in the halls of a lame-duck Congress as per online poker.

In a nutshell: We’ve been working toward this for five years. Don’t let Harrah’s take all the credit. Hang tight. We’re Blackberrying our asses off trying to get this thing right. Stay tuned, quit yer bitchin’, things change. And, of course, don’t forget to spend whatever political capital you may have telling your Congresspeeps why online poker regulation is the most awesomest thing since America and freedom!

Meanwhile, I set up a specific Pokerati tag for “UIGEA Repeal” so you could follow the most timely best from all Pokerati’s well-informed contributors as they posted … but alas, have since discovered a rather key error in that, technically, this unofficial Harry Reid Poker Bill wouldn’t repeal the UIGEA, but rather would strengthen it … still hopefully to the poker world’s liking, obv.

UPDATE: Indeed, Al D’Amato and the PPA are calling on YOU to contact your US senators. Assuming you believe in the overall cause of guaranteeing American freedom and much needed tax revenue via proper regulation of online poker, as espoused by D’Amato in the email blast titled “Tell your Senators to Support iPoker Regulation TODAY!” … click here to give online-poker proponents some numbers to bargain with when negotiating with other special interests.

PPA Statement on Potential Internet Poker Bill

Washington, DC (December 6, 2010) –John Pappas, Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the leading poker grassroots advocacy group with more than one million members nationwide, today released the following statement regarding news reports of potential action during the current session of Congress that would license and regulate online poker.

“As news stories circulate about a potential bill that would license and regulate online poker, it is important to remember that the Poker Players Alliance has been actively pursuing such legislation for more than five years. If nothing else, this shows that lawmakers are acknowledging what PPA has been saying all along – that Americans want to play the great game of poker in any venue they choose and they deserve to be afforded the basic consumer protections that regulation can provide.

“It is also important to note that this is an evolving process. Draft bills that have been circulated are already outdated and the legislation continues to be refined. As always, the PPA is actively working with lawmakers to ensure any legislation that is introduced protects the freedom of Americans to play poker online and provides a safe, regulated U.S. market in which to play. While no bill will give players 100 percent of what we want and deserve, I do believe the legislation will be a victory for the poker playing community over the long-term.

“The status quo is not tenable and legislation is needed to clarify and correct current laws and provide a regulated U.S. marketplace for players. Failing a federal legislative solution, the future of Internet poker remains unpredictable. However, a regulated market that offers competition, consumer protections and clarity will undoubtedly provide the greatest benefit for the players and long-term stability to the Internet poker experience.

“With the support of millions of Americans, and a growing bipartisan contingent of lawmakers, we are optimistic that Congress can get this done before the end of the year. We urge lawmakers to take action now and not let this important opportunity be missed.”

About The Poker Players Alliance
The Poker Players Alliance ( is a nonprofit membership organization comprised of over 1,000,000 online and offline poker players and enthusiasts from around the United States who have joined together to speak with one voice to promote the game and to protect poker players’ rights.

2 Comments to “Poker Partyline ”

  1. Conan776

    “Draft bills that have been circulated are already outdated and the legislation continues to be refined.”

    Behind closed doors with no transparency. Way to keep your promises, Obama.

  2. BWoP

    @Conan776: Not sure why you’re pointing the finger at Obama. Obama’s transparency efforts weren’t targeted at what has been taking place thus far with the proposed Reid bill. Although there has been significant coverage of the proposed legislation, all of that has been based on “leaks” of the draft bill and responses to such language. To my knowledge, Reid has yet to publicly comment on or acknowledge the current drafts that have been circulating. The bill has not been introduced to Congress in any official capacity, which is why copies of revised versions have been difficult to come by. Based on the very backdoor nature of these developments, I am of the view that this is simply a nod by Reid to the NV B&Ms that supported his re-election bid.

    The PPA is pissed because it was kept mostly out of the loop. They have a bit of egg on their face given the backlash from players re: the 15 month blackout and are pulling a CYA by saying it’s not their fault that the 15-month blackout is in there (when they knew all along that even the Frank legislation would include a blackout period).