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Andy Bloch on Face to Face with Jon Ralston

by , Dec 6, 2010 | 12:57 pm

As December’s American political dialogue takes shape — lame-duck tax policy, North Korea, Wikileaks, don’t-ask-don’t-tell — online poker (and “poker only”) is registering a few blips on the national radar. It still will take some time before the main-mainstream really takes hold of our issue(s) … but what the big-media talking heads have to say on these matters is taking shape here in Nevada.

Check it out as Andy Bloch appears as the informed, sensible voice of poker — and current efforts to legally mainstream it — on Face to Face with Jon Ralston, a Vegas-based poli-pundit. I think this is like a mainstream media undercard — big match on a medium stage featuring a couple rising media welterweights … or maybe more like a WSOPunditry circuit event?

OK, might-gotta workshop a few mixed metaphors myself … but regardless, Bloch’s appearance begins at about 2:40, where he potentially lays out a starting point for future poker news-talks:

Quick review: well-opened with the suit-and-tie banter, but questionable play with the arrest-talk shove.

UPDATE: There’s a second segment, too. (Click the second little square in the player.) Much better in the second-round subtopics, imho.

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