FT returns to the tubes?

by , Apr 21, 2011 | 3:01 pm

Pokerati Morlock here. I hope I’m not stepping on any editorial toes here, and I’m certainly informing you of something that a well-informed bunch of readers like Pokerati already know, but…

The bad Word-doc-as-GIF is gone from fulltiltpoker.com, and it redirects to fulltiltpoker.co.uk. I was able to download a new client, and install it, and connect. Unfortunately, that got me this pop-up:

...this includes deposits or withdrawals. (sob)

What I have there might be LOL-able, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t use it. There are many Americans with non-LOL amounts who could probably use it worse than me, too.

Over and out…

2 Comments to “FT returns to the tubes?”

  1. Dan Michalski

    who let you out of your cave?

  2. Scott

    Morlocks manage their own lives. We just keep things running for you Eloi.

    Besides, I figured you were in a 4/20 haze, since it hadn’t been noted on the Last Great Independent Poker Blog, which I am proud to support in my small way.