Magic Card Story

by , Apr 17, 2011 | 6:00 am

Fun and frivolous, even though in some ways it touches on serious issues such as cheating and stacked decks … Aussie magician James Galea’s “673 King Street” bit, which cleverly tells a story of a couple poker players out on the town before finding a game they can beat:

Clearly magic is rigged.

3 Comments to “Magic Card Story”

  1. Karridy

    Now that I have mastered the false shuffle, I can spot it a mile away.

  2. duder

    The cameraman is pretty unfair here. You can see him double cutting every time and that false riffle looks awful zoomed in.

  3. Dan Michalski

    there was another video of the same trick performed as part of a full comedy show (sure it pops up as a related vid on YT) … but i went with this one because it was shorter.

    anyhow, i just liked the story, lol.

    fwiw i wrote this post several days ago and had scheduled it for now … seemed rather irrelevant in context, but a nice break from the mayhem nonetheless.