Poker Panic ’11

by , Apr 15, 2011 | 3:40 pm

The arrest warrant in rem in the parallel civil forfeiture case (11 Civ. 2564) involving PokerStars, FullTilt, and UB is out. This is the instrumentality through which the domain names were redirected by the FBI to the notices up on the sites. The only sites affected by this are:,,,, and

The warrant directs the .com registrar (VeriSign) to direct the name servers to the addresses specified in the warrant or such other name servers or IP addresses as directed by the FBI.

These domains have been locked by the registry (and by the registrar in the case of – this domain remains with GoDaddy pending a final disposition of the domain seizure case in Kentucky) and now cannot be moved without a court order or the consent of the Department of Justice. I understand that the rest of the domains (save and except for are registered with foreign registrars.

15 Comments to “Poker Panic ’11”

  1. sajeffe

    What does this mean?

  2. Largelouster

    google “Kristallnicght”

  3. Largelouster

    oops, typo “Kristallnacht”

  4. gamingcounsel

    The 5 domains have been locked, can’t be moved, and are re-directed to the FBI warning.

  5. Jonathan Benya

    Wow, this is bad news… Have we just watched the final nail in the coffin of online US poker?

  6. juan

    its good that they shut online poker down…. means we can play at live games!!!!!!

  7. melodie

    this is crazy. then should worry more about getting back the money the other countries owe us, the bankruptcy they put us in and stop trying to ruin something fun for us little ppl

  8. Beck

    Spread the meme: The DOJ single handedly destroyed more jobs in just one day than the largest corporate layoff in history.

  9. Dan Michalski

    Beck, curious what you think the numbers are in terms of “jobs” lost here. I put it at maybe 5,000 … which is far less than the largest corporate layoff in history. I could be wrong, of course.

  10. Haley

    Good, Stuart. Now you can tell us all about your role giving legal advice to a firm that offered online blackjack to US players. Yes, I’m pissed and showing it, but isn’t it about time you crawled back into your hole?

  11. Dan Michalski

    haley, you know i don’t follow the details of the UB scandal the way you or others do — I wrote them off as pedophile priests long ago. and for all i know, stuart is a total scoundrel living large while having gay skype-sex with Russ Hamilton. but i have never seen indication of anything dishonorable.

    have you ever heard the phrase about getting more flies with honey than vinegar? if i were advising stuart from a media perspective, i would advise him not to talk with you, because it seems clear you are coming in with an agenda, not an open mind seeking information and perspective.

    you know i respect you, too. and you are welcome to dismiss all stuart has to say and call him out for any shenanigans … but in my own humble opinion, you are hurting your cause here.

  12. Haley

    Dan, I think his posts should have a disclaimer attached. For the record, I did attempt to approach him months ago via private e-mail and he chose not to respond.

  13. Jkaleta69

    I think most of these sites are a scam anyway. how do we know who is on the other end of a hand anyway,I cant even count the times I was on the bubble and got beat with the most horrible calls of all time. I have played cards for a long time and i understand a bad beat but if you seen what I have seen on ub you would have a hard time not thinking that this is a huge con. I think its great that they will not scam anyone again. I am sure that many people feel the same way. they deserve what they get!!!!!!!

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