DonkDown Radio

by , May 25, 2011 | 8:33 pm

We talk about the 2nd round of DOJ indictments, this time with Doyle’s Room, Bookmaker, and True Poker being the victims.  Neverheeb calls us to tell us of his car-jacking and pistol-whipping, an event covered by a Bay Area newspaper!  We prank call Bodog and try to get them to offer bets on the future of their own site.  The Cake Poker 60k confiscation fiasco is discussed.  Pokerati Dan joins us to talk more about the legal environment for online poker.  Druff announces that he’s quitting online poker until it becomes legal in the US.  An update on our WSOP media pass situation is given.  We talk about the situation with Pokerstars shills, including owner Isai Scheinberg, on 2+2 for the past nine years!  We discuss the Quicktender/Usemywallet collapse.  Micon shits the bed and his actual toilet during the show.


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