Sorel Mizzi’s Next Play…

by , Jun 9, 2011 | 3:48 pm

By the time Sorel Mizzi turned 25 on April 16 of this year, he already earned one of the top nods in the poker world as Bluff Magazine’s Player of the Year for 2010. He had also been at the center of several scandalized cheating accusations.

Sorel Mizzi

Sorel Mizzi

There is no question that Mizzi is an exception poker player. He placed third at 2010 Aussie Millions ($599,319) and ninth ($108,967) in 2011. More recently he won the FTOPXX leader board challenge. He’s also just qualified for the new Federated Poker League. That Mizzi can play winning poker is obvious. But can he beat nearly half a decade of bad press post-Black Friday?

In an effort toward repairing his tainted public image, Mizzi announced (through a press release) that he has decided to put “his winning ways into philanthropic endeavors.”

In the press release, Mizzi announces that he has helped establish a charitable program with an initial $10,000 donations for Poker Players Against Poverty (PPAP) under A Good Idea, a nonprofit that connects people in need with people who want to help to alleviate poverty and homelessness.

Poker Players Against Poverty (PPAPThe Poker Players Against Poverty (PPAP) program will be a collective of current and rising stars in the poker community to support our fight against poverty. This support will be shown through financial support (i.e. 2% of a player’s annual tournament winnings or an initial contribution), spreading awareness, and participating in one service event each year. Currently, we are looking to put together a Steering Committee of 6-10 of the top, up and coming poker players that represent the programs values and who will help drive the program. PPAP will not only serve as an excellent positive outlet for young, up and coming players but will allow these players to leave a legacy for themselves outside of the poker world through positive press, promotion, and goodwill.

A Good Idea and Poker Players Against Poverty have been named a 2011 recipient and partner of Poker Gives. The Poker Gives mission is to provide financial and humanitarian aid to mainstream charities through support from poker players and the poker industry.

In addition to Mizzi’s first donation of $10,000, he has pledged 5% of all tournament winnings through the lifetime of his poker-playing career. He has also committed to participate in four service days annually working directly with the homeless in 2011, with plans to work with the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.

“I am very excited for 2011 and beyond,” states Mizzi. “I will be placing equal priority on progressing as a poker player and giving back to my community. As a young poker player with a talent that brings me financial abundance, I feel it’s my responsibility to give back to people in need who are hurting financially.

Given the current mood after the DOJ indictments and the economic state of the Union, it will be interesting to see if this move by Mizzi proves to be a well timed play or a sacrificial offering to the masses of jilted internet grinders thirsty for blood.

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