DonkDown Radio 07/27/2011

by , Jul 28, 2011 | 12:49 am

Extra long 5 1/2 hour show, comprised of a “main” show and a bonus 2nd part.  We attempt to mediate a running dispute between DonkDown friend Melanie Weisner and a guy she claimed scammed her.  Venetian dealer “Jill” comes on to air her grievances against the card room and says that Men the Master is selling his bracelets.  We touch on the situations with Bodog leaving the US market in 2012 and the lame Alderney hearing for Full Tilt.  lakingsfan12 heckles Annie Duke, and Hollywood Dave is none too pleased.  Brandon walks off the show near the end.[audio:|titles=DonkDown Radio 07/27/2011|autostart=no]

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