DonkDown Radio 08/03/2011

by , Aug 3, 2011 | 7:54 pm

Clearly the worst show of the year, and we’re not afraid to admit it.  Hollywood Dave tells us about his “twitter wars”.  Raymond Davis talks about Phil Ivey’s big spending at strip clubs, and which casinos he’s afraid to play at.  Pokerati Dan talks about the Barton bill (to legalize online poker) and the new lobbying group FairPlayUSA.  Micon fails to pay the bill again, resulting in the show’s phone line being disconnected at the beginning.  Colonel Nigel Fabersham presents a new, 5-minute HeroPoker infomercial.  Brandon refuses to be part of the show after being “hung out to dry” by Micon.[audio:|titles=DonkDown Radio 08/03/2011|autostart=no]

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