Flashback: Did Twitter Replace the Poker Media?

by , Oct 3, 2011 | 3:26 am

Check it out, blast from the past … just 2.5 years ago today, only some 30 months ago, Kevmath was reporting on this newfangled medium emerging in poker called “Twitter”. It was a global chip-count texting machine, this Twitter, and it was catching on way bigger than our version here at Pokerati (called CSR, Citizen Stack Reporter, ahead of its time, obv since abandoned).

I can tell you there has been a noted difference in our on-site commentary since Twitter.

Anyhow, go Kevmath … for asking the question:

Could Twitter Replace the Poker Media?
Apr 3, 2009

I’d say in some ways yes … but in other ways no, it’s just changed how many do their jobs. But Twitter’s still got a ways to go before the #hashtag officially usurps the adjective, and I still haven’t seen the concept really work for anyone who’s tried to possess it … so there’s gotta be a reason @KevMath has more Klout than the rest of us.

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