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by , Oct 21, 2011 | 5:58 pm

Slip off your coat and make your way into my small corner of Pokerati — a newly built alcove in Dan’s diamond-encrusted virtual mansion where I’ll bring you a weekly caché of poker and gambling news that the American-centric poker media may have overlooked. So put down your rodeos and pretend football as we give the poker globe a spin to discover piquant revelations and heart-warming tales of human endeavour from elsewhere around the world.


Dodgy Maths at the AGCC #

alderney mapThe Alderney Gambling Control Commission fell under the terrifying gaze of Subject Poker this week. The Commission’s report on their Full Tilt Poker hearing claimed that US Department of Justice had seized $331 million worth of FT cash. The real figure is closer to $159 million, argues the Subject reporter, with the larger number including money lost over and above Black Friday seizures. Either way, more numbers for Full Tilt and Alderney that don’t add up as they’ve been presented. [Subject Poker]


Mass Walkout at William Hill’s Israeli Office #

israel mapBritish bookmakers William Hill are at panic stations after a large chunk of their customer support staff enacted an impromptu strike last Sunday. The staff were upset at rumoured plans to move the office outside Israel. Will Hill Online deny they have any plans to relocate, but for a while it seemed like the civil unrest might spread, with offices in Bulgaria and the Philippines laying down their telephones in solidarity? [Telegraph.co.uk]


Turkey and Sportingbet Go to War #

turkey mapSportingbet have been fluttering their eyelashes at Ladbrokes for the past few weeks in vain hope of encouraging an acquisition. Any deal would’ve been conditional, however, on Sportingbet’s withdrawal from the volatile Turkish market; and although negotiations with Ladbrokes have broken down, Sportingbet were hours away from selling ‘Superbahis.com’ to GVC Holdings PLC. That was until the local government suddenly blocked the website. [The Guardian]


Denmark Unveils Plans to Regulate Online Gambling #

denmark mapThe European Commission are so happy with new Danish gaming regulations that they are recommending them as a model for all other EU nations to follow. But the new rules controversially require lower taxes from online gambling companies than those paid by existing land-based casinos. [Financial Times]

Apparently at Pokerati we’re supposed to take pride in any appearance of not working, so I’m off to the rainswept British coast for a week of holiday, but will be back to let my distinguished American cohorts know what they missed while I was gone and they were sleeping.

4 Comments to “Wider World of Poker”

  1. W1

    “…bookmaking unrest might spread like a directionless American protest movement.” You couldn’t have found a more appropriate simile? There are some things going on here that need protest. Thanks for assigning it a negative connotation for some reason. Apparently this is ROW oriented, but WTF, dude?

  2. Dan Michalski

    Lol. That was Joel’s editor’s fault. I even had that exact line highlighted with a request to put something similar w his own words! But then I accidentally pressed publish and said fuggit.
    Sorry joe!

    And sorry, reader. Have any suggestions for a better comparison that still needles Americans? Maybe that’s the problem w the line-wrong place for a jab.

  3. Redwicked1

    Not off the top of my head, but its not as though its hard to needle Americans. It just seemed to make fun of the non-poker protests going on lately unnecessarily. Not a big deal, really, but it seemed like it was supposed to be just a funny comment and instead sounded like misplaced political commentary on largely unrelated economic issues and the Occupy Wall St. protests. It wasn’t really funny and seemed inappropriately loaded for such a throwaway comment. It was just distracting and I don’t think it served the author’s purpose. Not a bad article, though, and I’m a fan of Pokerati.

  4. Dan Michalski

    with reporter on holiday, editor has gone in and un-unfixed, fyi.