Jamie Gold Poker Coaching Rate

by , Jan 21, 2012 | 11:04 pm

I’m sure Jamie Gold and Las Vegas will eventually become friends. I for one have a whole new respect for the WSOP-champ in Residence @TropLVPoker after hearing his interview on Donkdown; and philosophically, he’s trying to bring some of the same things to the Tropicana that the Pokerati Game tries to bring to the Palms. But still …

jamie gold poker lessons $1000 an hour

Really … $1k an hour? I mean that’s not quite Carrot Top money, and supposedly Gold’s already had five students pony up … but jeesh … you’d think at that rate they could at least afford a nicer sign!

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13 Comments to “Jamie Gold Poker Coaching Rate”

  1. Sly0509

    I’ve met Jaimie Gold and I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s not the bad guy that everyone wants to make him out to be.  I think he has enjoyed playing the bad guy at first but now I think he’s a bit confused that people don’t understand that it’s just a part he played on tv during the WSOP.  He has really not done himself any favors by not doing more interviews like he did on Donkdown.  He really laid out his case quite eloquently. 

    I hate to admit this because I used to be solidly in the “I hate Jamie Gold Club” but Jamie Gold is really quite a likeable guy once you get to know him.  I wish him good luck in his endeavors at the Tropicana.

  2. Mike

    He luck boxed one tournament. Would never pay that much

  3. PokerGob

    Obviously a lot of money for an hour. The students are probably just in it to say they were taught by a former WSOP Champion. Regardless of whether people think he lucked it into it, he still won. I recall a line, something like “a sucker born every minute…” if they pay it they obviously have cash to burn.

  4. Osut2000

    Some fish will pay it.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow! Really now, $1000 an hour. I think Jamie Gold is a great player, but I can join PokerVT with Daniel Negreanu for an entire year for that price!

  6. Jon Wayne

    Jamie Gold is not even remotely close to being a good player lol, check out the video where he plays against farha on youtube, it sums up everything =)

  7. Andy

    A fool deserves to be parted with their money.

  8. Cjc0504

    sad… I play micro cash games online and could coach 10x better than this ass clown at 1/20 the price.. smh

  9. Hcholdem

  10. Hcholdem


  11. Atgdexter

    I would take Jamie gold at the micros any day! 

  12. Dan Michalski

    I think thats kinda the point – play him for smalls @TropLV! (or something like that.)

  13. Jjjjjdddd

    i dont think learn fron negreanu its gonna help much