Ring in the New Year/Era!

by , Jan 10, 2012 | 2:35 pm

la sengphet david clark wsop-c

Circuit Gangstas: La n DC celebrate their latest victory in LA by throwing gang signs.

La Sengphet took down another one on the WSOP-circuit — winning a $345 NLH at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, Calif. for her fourth WSOP-C victory (third in a ring-bearing event) and a $25k payday. Her other half, David Clark, made a final table the day before, and won his second ring just a couple stops earlier at WSOP-Tahoe. Their story is becoming sickeningly charming … perhaps even inspirational … showing that true love and poker success can go hand-in-hand for a couple of old-fashioned rounders making their way across an ever-unpredictable poker landscape.

(That, or … Go Team Pokerati!)

david clark wsop circuit

@WhoIsDavidClark? The #1 WSOP-circuit player right now, and boyfriend to a poker chick with skills of her own.

And while I’m a fan of these two Dallas players mostly because of La’s really cool hat, I couldn’t help but notice — in finally getting sucked in to the latest developments in poker’s minor leagues — that I was witnessing more than just entertaining poker. Her final table was an exciting up-and-down match complete with rough rivers in the face of amazing plays and questionable calls you might expect from minor-leaguers … or at a minimum, the kinda non-suckout against 7-high aggression that should make any Pokeratizen proud.

But thanks to the pocket-friendly live feed from Live at the Bike, I saw a future where I can closely follow a “small” $345 event just because I happen to have a friend at the final table, and where I can watch it live-enough (30-minute delay, I think) … complete with hole cards and a couple seasoned grinders analyzing her play.

My how times have changed …

It was almost exactly a year ago that the Dallas couple started their circuit tear with a second-place by La and a DC-win at the new WSOP-Choctaw. Back then, WSOP-LA didn’t even exist, and PokerStars still believed they had a future in the United States by heavily pimping their second foray into California with an NAPT stop at the Bike and plausible validation from a stronger relationship with ESPN. The WSOP had yet to show the poker world what was possible with new handheld technologies, and the Players Advisory Committee hadn’t even begun the debate over changing poker forever by revealing hole cards even before the next break.

live at the bike la sengphet

As Seen on iPhone TV: La completes her three-barrel bluff by moving in with 7-high, opponent calls, she wins!

Meanwhile, both Sengphet and Clark were focused on qualifying for the inaugural Circuit National Championship, where La would place 4th to win $100k. So far this 2011/12 season, Clark has already secured his seat in the summer million-dollar freeroll with five cashes, 4 final tables (including a HORSE event), and his November win at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe; La so far has three cashes and a win this season.

Click here to see the latest standings on the WSOP-Circuit leaderboard; you can also follow La and DC on Twitter as they cruise the WSOP circuit (and other events?) leading up to the big ones in Vegas this summer. Of course now we can only hope Pokerati’s favorite rungood couple doesn’t suddenly hit the skids as circuit competition not only becomes more aware of who they are, but also has greater ability to actually study their play!

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