Zynga’s Semi-Bluff?

by , Jan 26, 2012 | 4:14 pm

Play-money poker giant Zynga hinted last week that it conceivably could enter the real money gaming world (i.e. gambling).

The Facebook-facing poker site’s interest might seem reasonable in light of the Department of Justice’s recent re-interpretation of the 1961 Wire Act, limiting the scope of its prohibitions to sports betting. But there is also a more cynical interpretation of Zynga’s announcement.

With its stock price languishing after its initial public offering, Zynga needed a growth storyline that shareholders might believe. I could write more about why Zynga’s announcement may be more of a semi-bluff than a made hand, but an online gaming insider has done that already. Bill Rini asks¬†Zynga Ready For Real Money Gaming or Trying to Hide Failures?¬†

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