Catch Me If You Can

by , Feb 28, 2012 | 12:52 pm

I expect that more will be said about the indictment of Bodog Entertainment, Calvin Ayre, and 3 others in the coming days and months, but for now, a copy of the indictment itself is here. A copy of the seizure warrant and underlying materials is here. What’s interesting to me after a very brief read is how similar it all is to the Blue Monday indictments from last year, which also came out of Maryland. It’s also perhaps worth noting the comment of Detective Gunn – great name for a police officer by the way – at the bottom of page 2 and onto page 3: “the [undercover e-wallet] account was utilized to fund online gambling accounts at several offshore internet gaming sites including” Whether that means that further charges will come out of the same investigation isn’t clear, but given the government’s continuing campaign against US-facing sites, I suppose I’d find subsequent action by the DOJ about as surprising as the fact that Calvin himself was finally indicted.

Funny counterpoint: Rod Rosenstein, the US District Attorney in Baltimore, was interviewed as part of a W5 program on Calvin a couple of years ago.

One Comment to “Catch Me If You Can”

  1. David Westbay

    I guess it’s a good thing that I cashed out most of my balance from Bodog some months ago and now have less than $5.00 there. Or is the new Bovada site not included in the indictment? In any case, no great loss for me.