Gaming Interests Still Bullish about Online Gambling Chances

by , Mar 16, 2012 | 12:37 pm

Check it out … while some have been saying federal online poker legislation is near death, not all are willing to abandon hope that Sen. Reid might-could have something up his sleeve so hey poker players, keep it kinda hush, yo!. Here’s American Gaming Association chief Frank Fahrenkopf on the Reno wonkcast Nevada Newsmakers (Home Base for Nevada’s #1 Political Show!) refuting the suggestion (at about 2:40) that online poker is done-for in 2012.

FWIW: Fahrenkopf’s sway in the overall-world-is-bigger-than-just-poker political discourse extends far beyond gaming, as he currently serves as co-chairman of the Committee on Presidential Debates. So that’s one to grow on, obv.

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