Jamie Gold Residency Shuttered at the Trop?

by , Mar 15, 2012 | 12:26 pm

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The unceremonious close of Jamie Gold’s short-lived affiliation with the Tropicana poker room.

Less than one month after the “Official Grand Opening of the Jamie Gold Poker Room,” the relationship between the Tropicana and the 2006 WSOP main event champion has apparently ended — more quickly than it began. Though no word yet from either side about what prompted the abrupt change of course, posters of Jamie Gold, hands to the sky, and videos of him daring players to “catch me bluffing” are gone.

(But you can still see on YouTube what the plans were supposed to be.)

The Feb. 17-19 launch-party weekend included a Sunday afternoon “second chance” tourney that got canceled when only two players registered, and Gold himself showed up an hour after cards were supposed to have gone in the air. But the 2/5NL game (with David Williams and other pros) that sprung up in the Jamie Gold room looked to be growing successfully — running regularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays — as it was fast becoming known as the biggest 2/5NL games in Las Vegas, with reports of pots as big as $20,000.

Now the Gold promotional posters have been replaced by signs for a March Mania Mega Stack Poker Tournament, which starts today, March 15, and runs through March 25.

I stopped by the Tropicana room late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning to check out the 2/5NL game. For the past couple months, this was the game of Gold and friends.

I saw David Williams splashing around in the six-table room’s only game running, but couldn’t find Gold. The graveyard shift supervisor said he knew nothing about Gold’s status with the casino.

At the desk, I spotted a stack of fliers promoting a seminar with Gold, the only remaining evidence of his affiliation with the room. Gold promised to reveal “poker secrets the pros don’t want you to know!” In black marker, someone had scribbled “Mar 17,” or Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day. Imagine my luck.

I called the poker room Thursday afternoon, to get the exact time.

“I’m so sorry,” a woman replied. “I’m taking them down right now. They should not have been put out. It was canceled.”

10 Comments to “Jamie Gold Residency Shuttered at the Trop?”

  1. ManInBlack

    no shock there. He is a joke anyways

  2. East33pro

    This story is simply false. Pokerati is usually an excellent source for the industry to get tremendous insight. In this case, however, the report above is wrong.

  3. Dan Michalski

    I think you mean “wrong-ish”. I still haven’t found anything factually incorrect in Dave’s report save for maybe the caption (which I helped molest) … and the hedline itself has a question mark in it!

    seriously, can you highlight one phrase in the above story that is false?

  4. Chad

    How about its entire content?

  5. Dan Michalski

    Lol. So that’s not a real answer. Cut and paste one sentence – or even just one clause – that is inaccurate and I will acknowledge as much. So far we have zero.
    Do you really think all is the same at “the Jamie gold” room”? Just because they were able to get a semi-denial from corporate doesn’t mean that Dave wasn’t out in front of some sorta story.
    That’s the whole point of reporting “rumors”. To convey that something is brewing even tho we may not have all the facts or official corporate spin yet.
    But again cut and past even just five words of Inaccuracy and I will happily eat said words.

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