Oops, I Won Too Much Country!

by , Mar 12, 2012 | 7:30 pm

tom schneider poker country musicWe still love Donkeybomber ’round these parts; just haven’t written much about the famous author and ’07 WSOP Player of the Year lately because … well, um, how do you put this nicely when his biggest accomplishments since then include not having enough money on Full Tilt to actually lose anything, and maybe getting retweeted by @basebaldy AND Jack Effel? (Sorry Pokeratizens for missing the breaking news … )

Well you’re not gonna believe what our balder, gastronomically larger, bi-braceleted pal is up to now: Country music.

Seriously, have a listen to First 5-Song CD, Created in December 2011, a title he apparently shortened prior to mainstream release on iTunes with the simpler, more memorable “EP”, which some say could be subtle commentary on the plight of a one-time WSOP POY seeking recognition as a real pro by Epic Poker.


You know I wanna mock the ’06 PI Champion now as some sorta wannabe Dwight Yoakam of Poker, presumably doing country things like chewing on straw and watching Barbara Mandrell videos on YouTube. But dag-nabbit if the music’s not actually pretty darn good … seriously, the Tom Schneider EP is like almost professional-sounding and shit!

This is no karaoke endeavor by a disgruntled poker pro. On the contrary, these five collected tunes are uplifting musical tales of a hard-workin’ joe pullin’ himself up by the bootstraps, and even though you’re not gonna hear references to being all-in nor hardcore hand analysis set to gangsta rap a la Ghostface Killah … it is a poker life that Tom Schneider writes about, you can tell, with songs like Kick My Own Ass (about waking up at “the crack of noon”) and Wrinkled Clothes (about “wrinkled clothes”).

Have a listen, and if you like, email me for a free pirated copy! buy it now to help fund a country music singer/songwriter’s bankroll for the 2012 WSOP.

6 Comments to “Oops, I Won Too Much Country!”

  1. Karridy

    My Little Girl might be my favorite track. I’m VERY impressed!

  2. Dan Michalski

    So selfish Karridy, assuming that song is about you. 

  3. Donkey Bomber

    Can’t a brother get a break on Pokerati.  With decent sales of these songs, I will be able to buy a 5-hour energy drink for the WSOP Senior’s Event and have the edge over all the sleepy bastids.

  4. Dan Michalski

    Seriously, good stuff Tom. I never knew or even imagined you had that kinda talent. Your 2/3 life crisis has done you well. 

  5. Donkey Bomber

    Some guys buy cars, some date 19 year old girls.  I write the songs that make the whole world cringe.

  6. Dan Michalski

    i woulda gone with the 19 year old girls, but hey …