The Vegas Grind (in Pictures)

by , Mar 1, 2012 | 1:05 am

I guess I’ve been somewhat slacking in the blog department. However, I’ve been fully engaged in grind mode ever since my last downswing and plan on writing an update in the very near future. In keeping with the grinding and writing theme, I’ve been trying out this new tool that allows me to log my day at the office. It’s pretty cool, in my opinion, because I like taking photos, I like writing, and I (sometimes) like playing poker. This thing lets me do all three at once. It also allows the user/writer to really bring the reader into the poker room with them, as well as provide for some creative opportunities.

Here’s a recent session that took me from Aria to the Palms.

Buy In @ 4:15 PM
Amount: $300
Starting a sesh at the fabulous, luxurious and unrivaled Aria Resort Casino Hotel and Spa Destination Location Sensation. Gl me.

Chip Count @ 5:34 PM
Stack: $293
No hands to speak of for myself. Seat 9 got stacked and is tilty. Jorge moved to seat 2. A lady took his spot.
Chip Count @ 6:06 PM
Stack: $288
I had A10, made trip aces. It was AWESOME!
Player Opponent
Hand Details @ 6:22 PM
Player $280
Opponent $400
Two limps and I raise QhJh to 16. Two guys on my left call, tilty kid shoves for $59, I call and the two guys call too. I bet $85 to commit myself on the flop. First guy folds and second guy calls. I shove ~$120 on the Td turn and he calls. The river bricks off and 68o scoops vs me and tilty kid. Other guy said he folded AK to my $85 flop bet.
Chip Count @ 6:27 PM
Stack: $282
Rebuy. Yay.
Player Opponent
Hand Details @ 6:40 PM
Player $280
I open JTcc for 12, Jorge calls in the sb. He leads 15 on the flop, I raise to 50 and he calls. He checks turn, I bet 100, he thinks for a while and folds.
Player Opponent
* * * * *
Hand Details @ 7:16 PM
Player $340
I raise my third hand in a row to 12, a new player in seat 9–older guy wearing an old school Hard Rock Poker Lounge jacket–calls.

I bet 17 on the flop and he calls. I decide to check the turn and he bets 35. I don’t really like this spot. I think betting is probably better than check calling. I take the latter route.

I check the river and he quickly bets 85. I feel better about it now obv and call. He says “good call” and I win.

Guy on my right says my turn play is bad. I say he’s probably right.

* Chip Count @ 8:05 PM
Stack: $395
Not much happening. Decent action on my table but just kind of whittling away, whiffing flops.
* Cash Out @ 8:32 PM
Amount: $384
Mehhh, rack it up. Every time I do one of these “live” blogs it doesn’t go as planned. Oh well.

Moving onto the Palms! Pokerati game time.

* Buy In @ 9:43 PM
Amount: $400
Ok starting the Pokerati mixed game at the Palms. $1/$2 NL/PLO. Off we go!

PS I won $130 in $1/$3NL while waiting for this game to start. Yay.

* Chip Count @ 9:55 PM
Stack: $480
Set-over-setted this poor sap. He played it well though, check calling 3 streets.
* Chip Count @ 10:18 PM
Stack: $400
Setting up an anti-flu wall because this cat on my right was full on infected. So wack.
* Chip Count @ 10:20 PM
Stack: $400
Here’s a pic of the contagion carrier. Damn, son.
* Chip Count @ 10:57 PM
Stack: $385
Was up to 500 but Dan got revenge. ~Starting stack.
* Chip Count @ 11:30 PM
Stack: $300
Flopped a wrap that didn’t materialize. Tried to set my own price on the turn and that backfired. Rabbit hunted the river which was a brick.
* * * * *
Hand Details @ 12:07 AM
Player $320
Opponent $200
Button straddle is on. Cutoff makes it 17, I call and button calls. My preflop call is pretty meh but the raiser is average at best.

I check the flop, cutoff bets 20, btn folds and I call.

I check the turn, and the cutoff bets 45. It seems really weak with 2 flush draws out there. With my hand equity plus fold equity I make it 150 and he folds.

* Chip Count @ 12:29 AM
Stack: $390
Boy am I hungry. The only quick options here at the Palms is McDonalds. Which is very tempting…
* Chip Count @ 12:33 AM
Stack: $390
Dan has also expressed his current state of hunger. I’d just like to say how proud of him I am for not only showing up to his own game tonight, but for not leaving and potentially breaking his own game.
* Cash Out @ 12:49 AM
Amount: $359
Game broke. Pretty even keeled Pokerati session for me, never passing $100 in either the + or – side. Onto the next one! Thanks for reading, all. I love you.

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