Titan Poker Bonus Code Rewards Players with Freerolls and Cash

by , Mar 21, 2012 | 4:25 am

Many poker players are already familiar with Titan Poker, the leading online poker destination in Europe and flagship room on the iPoker Network. But a little known fact is that using a  Titan Poker bonus code upon registering an account at the site gives new players added benefits.

All first time depositors at Titan Poker are rewarded with a generous 200% up to $2,000 First Deposit Bonus, which is redeemed into cash as a player plays cash games and tournaments. The redemption rate is said to be the best in the industry, and regulars at the tables have no problems redeeming their bonus in a very short time.

First time depositors receive entries to $10,000 worth of exclusive freeroll tournaments, and are offered special beginners promotions and competitions. This gives newcomers a chance to fully experience the newly upgraded Titan Poker software, the redesigned lobby and the realistic game play, all at minimum expense and with the added advantage of competing for free cash prizes at the same time.

So, what are the benefits of using a Titan Poker bonus code upon sign up? Using a Titan Poker bonus code gives a new player all the above mentioned benefits and more. A $20 cash bonus is available to newcomers making a minimum $20 deposit. This cash bonus is given to eligible players who contact Titan Poker’s professional and friendly customer support team, although some terms and conditions apply.

In addition, new players who signed up using a Titan Poker bonus code are granted free entries to three other invitation-only freeroll tournaments, each of which offers either cash as prizes or entries to even bigger guaranteed prize tournaments.

Online poker players will be thrilled to try out the software and poker action at Titan Poker, with the knowledge that Titan Poker is a secure and recommended online poker room.

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  2. Martin Creck

    The poker bonus codes
    at Titan poker add an incredible amount of value to your account. You would be hard pressed to find better
    rewards with other poker bonus codes.

  3. lalal but

    Looking forwards to playing some tournaments on there over next few days. Structures and availability looks good.

  4. Debbie Boulier

    I agree, I’ve never seen such good rewards before. The bonus codes are the best here.

  5. lyndon

    online porker is easy to play at home , such as Titan Poker

  6. Aaroniero Adenianu

    Titan poker is the best!

  7. lyndon

    New player new porker, try it and you will love it!!

  8. Rikki Julie

    The Titan Poker bonus codes just add to an already great poker playing experience. Industry leading redemption rates and realistic game play really do make Titan Poker one of the best poker rooms around.

  9. nasrin

    titan poker is great. i love it.

  10. Phil

    Sounds brilliant! The bonus for new players is unmatched!

  11. Dan Michalski

    i’m still trying to figure out what’s your game with these quasi-spammy comments …

    Dan Michalski
    Las Vegas, NV

    o. 702-475-3765
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  12. Edwin

    Looks awesome thanks <3 I look forward to playing a few tournaments!

  13. Wu Ku Kish

    With offers like these, who needs to win?

  14. kris

    I’ll be signing up right away.

  15. Yusuf Ali

    There are so many run-of-the mill Poker sites and games online but Titan Poker is one of the best, if not the best out there. It’s fun, action packed, always filled with players and they’re not stingy about giving out freebies 🙂

  16. Max Torini

    Titan poker is the best! Such good rewards!

  17. Tom

    Love Titan Poker, best one around!

  18. suddin

    Titan poker will give the user a big exitement with the big bonus.

  19. zizo

    the navigation and information provided is really great making it really easy to learn new stuff alot easier

  20. Daniel D

    Sounds interesting, I’ll give it a trial period myself.

  21. heyjude868

    Very informative article. The Titan Poker bonus really looks like it is really beneficial.

  22. kkkruceify

    Cool stuff! ready to make money from some donks!

  23. Eddy Borgan

    Wow, thanks! I never knew you could get bonus codes for Titan Poker, awesome 🙂

  24. anki

    the article is really interesting. i love playing poker and this will surely help me

  25. Sam Douglas

    Seriously a 200% bonus. Seems like a an extreem incentive, but if they are willing to give it then I’m in.

  26. laurababs

    Titan is my favorite poker website, the SNGS in particular and amazing and easy to smash.

  27. Rosxel Bros

    Yeah this is really incredible amount of value in your account. And much more interesting than i thought.

  28. Wafi

    when I first tried titan poker bonus I was pretty shocked that I had that kinda benefits…though everybody likes free stuffs don’t they?

  29. Will

    Sounds really good, i’ll give it a try sometime