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After spending the majority of the past 3 weeks in Detroit, Columbus, and Carlsbad attending weddings, I’m back in my one-bedroom apartment at the intersection of Flamingo and Maryland in Las Vegas. Maybe it’s just the annoyingly vast amounts of construction and “improvements” they’re doing on my building, but there seems to be higher than standard levels of particles and dust in the Vegas air. People are excited, poker players are selling pieces, and Phil Hellmuth moved into the Aria penthouse for 2 months. That electric feeling can mean only one thing… the World Series of Poker is almost here.

I’ve never sold on the open marketplace, so bear with me as I figure this process out. I’m not a high volume tournament player, but I agree with Phil Galfond when he says that strong cash game players can find success in tournaments if they take them seriously.

Poker rooms across town (well, those in Caesars-owned properties anyway) are ramping up their promotion efforts for the series, offering a plethora of ways to win a seat into various events. On top of that, you can step into one of many rooms to pick up a flier for their own mini-series which will run concurrently; events with smaller buy ins but still impressively sized fields and prizes can be found up and down the strip as well as downtown. WSOP time in Las Vegas is awesome. If you like poker, you simply need to see the sheer size of the production that takes place inside the Rio Convention Center. Rows and rows, hundreds of tables (in use, no less…). Strip poker rooms overflowing with players. So many hopefuls, so many fans of the game, all the superstars and several soon-to-be poker-famous players descending on one spot. And let’s not forget… so many fish!

My plan of attack for this year’s Series is fairly simple: Increased tournament intake to my poker diet where value is obvious, while maintaining strict bankroll management. Traditionally I am a cash game grinder, but there is so much value to be found in tournaments that run during the Series that it would almost be silly not to take part and take some shots. (That is, unless you’re a superballer and can win more in Bobby’s Room cash games, or the $500/$1k/$2k PLO that will probably start up in the Rio high limit section.) There will be plenty of time for me to jump in the cash games, and I’m hoping there’s some good low-stakes PLO to be found somewhere. I’ll be keeping my eye on the Bravo Live app on my phone, which will list cash games running at the WSOP for the first time this year. But I’ll be amping up my tournament exposure over the next 1.5 months, which during other times of the year never took up more than around 10 percent of my playing time.

The 2pm $235 Daily Deepstack tournaments at the Rio are great value for the low stakes grinder. There’s a good amount of play and last year’s tournaments got great numbers, especially on weekends. It’s not every day that you see a $50k first place prize for a $200-range buy in event, but these tournaments can provide just that, and with super soft fields. There will also be similar tournaments running at the Venetian, the Golden Nugget, Caesars Palace, the Wynn, the Hoover Dam, the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, and probably everywhere else across town. Bankroll management is key as always, and I’ll be chopping up buy ins and swapping percentages with fellow grinders.

Which brings me to an offer I’d like to present to you, kind and smart reader. I’ve never sold tournament pieces of myself on the open marketplace, and I honestly have no idea what type of response I’ll get for this. I’m going to sell a percentage of myself for the first $1k NL tournament at the WSOP, which takes place on Sunday, June 10th. I’ll be selling up to 70 percent of myself (I’ll buy the last 30-? percent) and am selling this at FACE VALUE, NO MARKUP. A lot of players add “markup” to their percentages, which is basically a fee for their playing services. Seeing as how I have relatively little in the way of a tournament resume, and am happy to play the event and hopefully make some money for my fellow Pokeratizens, I’m happy to get in there and mix it up without fee. I’ll be selling 10% blocks at $100 and I can accept PayPal transfers (this would be easiest). If you live in Vegas I can accept cash too. If we make a big score I’ll need your personal info for 1099s.

To reserve your piece, send me a message on twitter @andrewneeme or email me: andrewneeme at gmail dot com. I’ll send you a confirmation and PayPal details and after I receive payment you’re booked. If there’s enough demand for this, I’ll extend the offer into the next $1k NL event. Again, I’ve never sold on the open marketplace so bear with me as I figure this process out. I’m not a high volume tournament player, but I agree with Phil Galfond when he says that strong cash game players can find success in tournaments if they take them seriously. Hopefully through previous blog entries or through getting to know me you know how seriously I take this craft.

Best of luck to all who descend on Vegas this summer, from those looking for an experience to those in hopes of a big score. Remember to drink lots of water. It’s a g*ddamn desert out there.

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